Corsica Itinerary

Corsica Itinerary

With a rugged, mountainous interior, the island of Corsica is also best navigated by water. Corsica is an enchanting island in the Mediterranean Sea, offering stunning scenery, white sand beaches, and many outdoor activities. The French island is an ideal destination for a yacht charter vacation. Our sample Corsica itinerary provides a unique opportunity to […]

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Bonifacio yacht charter in Corsica

Corsica Yacht Charter

Corsica, France, is breathtaking, especially on a Corsica Yacht Charter. This French Island in the Mediterranean Sea has been a vacation destination for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. With incredible views of the sea, mountains, and the lush greenery surrounding this island’s beaches, many travel experts have called Corsica one of the most […]

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cannes yacht festival

Cannes Yacht Festival 2022 | Charters

When most people think of Cannes, they think of France’s famous Cannes Film Festival. Yet Cannes also plays host to another festival, one with another type of glamour but no less excitement; the Cannes Yacht Festival, which takes place every fall. Kicking off the fall charter show season, the yachting festival takes place from September […]

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French Riviera Yacht Charters

French Riviera Charters

Mediterranean charm, glamorous villas, and spectacular seaside entertainment come together in one of the most iconic luxury yacht charter destinations. The French Riviera, stretching roughly from Hyères to Menton, offers vacationers a variety of entertainment, food, and beachside activities and access to beautiful national parks and wildlife . History buffs will enjoy the museums, castles, […]

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Calvi Corsica

The History of Corsican Wine

Sitting just seven miles off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, and 50 miles south of France, Corsica has its own identity divergent from present and past rulers. However separate, cultural symbols like Corsican wine are forever marked by a complex history of Italian and French rule. Modern-day European wine regions are forever indebted to early […]

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