Greek Wine-History Yacht Vacation

Taste outstanding wines amidst a backdrop of the most beautiful Greek landscapes. Explore an exhilarating variety of flavors while learning about the ancient wine culture of Greece and exploring its unique history during a Greek wine-history yacht vacation aboard M/S ARKTOS. Motor-Sailer ARKTOS While on your luxury yacht vacation aboard ARKTOS, you can: This unique […]

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The Best Athens Restaurants

Spondi restaurant on of Best Athens Restaurants

If you’re planning a Greek yacht charter vacation, you’ll probably be flying into Athens. Home to the Acropolis, Ancient Greece’s most iconic monument, this vibrant city certainly warrants exploration. Cultural attractions abound, as do culinary delights. So here we recommend the best Athens restaurants for dinner, either before or after a sailing vacation. Hytra Feast […]

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Greek Food Yacht Charter


One of the joys of sailing the Greek islands is eating at local restaurants and tavernas. You’re in for a real treat, with plenty of fresh seafood and local seasonal fruit and vegetables. Here we take a gastronomic journey across the Aegean and Ionian seas, on your Greek food yacht charter vacation. Classic Greek Food […]

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Chios Masticha


Masticha (pronounced mah-stee-kah) has been made by monks in the monasteries of Chios, Greece since the 15th century. It was an offering to God and a sweet treat for fellow monks and visitors. Today you can find masticha throughout Greece. At gourmet markets, at the airport, while still made by local producers on Chios itself. […]

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