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How do you get started?

There are a few essential things to consider when chartering. The type and size of boat, your destination, the time of year, financial parameters, and number of people traveling. When you have your initial conversation with CKIM Group, we will assess all of your needs. If you’re ready to start now, please schedule a meeting here.

Below, we’ve outlined the answers to your questions to help guide you through the process. Your CKIM yacht charter broker will assist in asking the right questions and providing the expertise to design your dream yacht charter experience.

What does it cost to charter a Yacht?

Prices for yacht chartering vary remarkably based on some key factors:

  • The type of charter-yacht, the size of the charter-yacht, number of guests, and the yacht charter destination.
  • The rates may also differ between the low-season and high, or peak seasons.
  • Weekly charter rates can range from $20,000 to $200,000+.
  • Some yachts are plus all expenses, others have inclusive rates.
  • Gratuities and taxes can be additional.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is nothing quite like a vacation aboard your own private luxury yacht. Better yet it’s a vacation on which your only job is to relax, unwind, and enjoy. 

What is a private yacht charter? 

  • The freedom to explore fascinating destinations with the comforts of a luxury resort.
  • The ultimate way to travel safely and comfortably to new and incredible destinations each day.
  • An opportunity to be enveloped by the unspoiled beauty of the open seas.
  • A personalized and spontaneous experience. A dedicated crew, private chef, a variety of amenities, and water toys for you to enjoy at will.
  • Unmatched access to remote locations, historic sites, and incredible experiences.
  • For more on what it’s like to charter a yacht, please see a Day in the Life : What to Expect Onboard.

A yacht charter is completely personalized to suit your group’s needs and desires. Our luxury vacations can be tailored around the following experiences:

Why is chartering a private yacht better than a resort, villa or cruise vacation?


A private yacht charter ensures that you and your loved ones will be far from the crowds, lines, and chaos. Aside from your professional crew, you can remain completely isolated from it all while sailing the open waters. Sail to remote anchorages, beaches, and snorkeling spots, devoid of other groups.  


A luxury yacht vacation is the ultimate way to safely and comfortably travel to new and incredible destinations each day. A yacht charter combines a cruise ship’s freedom to explore, with the amenities of a luxury resort and the privacy of your own remote villa.


Every aspect of your private yacht charter is tailored to you and your unique group. From the itinerary to the cuisine, and the activities, your luxury yacht vacation is completely customized.


A private yacht charter gives you access to some of the most incredible landscapes, wildlife, remote islands, and historic sites in the world. Wake up to beautiful oceanfront views that change every morning.

Why is chartering a private yacht better than taking a cruise?

  • A private yacht charter ensures your family and friends will alone/separate from mass tourism.
  • Your group will receive personal attention and first-class service every step of the way.
  • Your personal chef will craft personalized, delicious meals to suit all needs and preferences. On-shore, you can indulge in local specialties, go wine tasting or have a romantic beach BBQ.
  • Escape the stressful crowds, waiting in lines, and generic excursions.
  • Yachts provide access to hidden and remote destinations, and anchorages unreachable by cruise ships or fixed itineraries.
  • Your land excursions and water activities are customized to your needs, and your mood. Choose to do as much or as little as you would like to do.
  • Water activites*.
It is better because a yacht charter vacation is all about you! A private yacht charter, tailored for you and arranged by Luxury Yacht Charters, combines the experience of being on the water, with the luxury of bespoke accommodations.

When should you book?

  • Ultimately, well in advance is the best suggestion to guarantee availability. We advise to book as early as possible for the best available.
  • For off-peak periods you’ll need to book 3 to 6 months in advance.
  • For peak periods, booking a minimum of six months in advance, but ideally one year.

Where can you charter?

Would you like to experience the Bahamas or the Caribbean for sunny beaches and crystal-clear waters? The Eastern or Western Mediterranean steeped in history and culture. Perhaps the Pacific Northwest, Florida or New England for great scenery, wildlife, and coastal exploration.  

Instead, head to an exotic destination in the Pacific or the Indian Ocean–the world is your playground when it comes to yacht chartering. Where you cruise will depend on when you charter, the experience you wish to have, the type of boat and its availability.  For more inspiration, check out out Experiences Hub below.


The Bahamas – A destination for the group seeking quieter anchorages, water sports, fishing, beautiful warm water away from the crowds.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean – Year-round pleasant weather with three popular yacht charter destinations: 

The Virgin Islands (British and US Virgins) – Excellent option for the non-sailor and those new to yachting. Shorter sailing distances, beautiful beaches, marinas, restaurants and some shopping. 

St. Kitts & Nevis – Head to St. Kitts and Nevis for incredible vistas atop their mountainous and lush interiors. Explore the Nevis Peak volcano, UNESCO national parks and numerous historical sites. Don’t forget to indulge in the thermal baths and delicious cuisine. 

St. Martin – Enjoy the blend of international cuisines ashore in St. Martin, St. Barths and Anguilla. There are more excellent dining restaurants on these three islands than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Combined with beautiful white sand beaches, water sports, and shopping. 

St. Vincent and The Grenadines – Longer sails for the sailing yachts, constant winds for the kiters during the winter, colorful locally made boats, beautiful beaches, the Tobago Cays and the vibrant Caribbean culture. Mustique and Bequia are incredible, and private islands to visit in the Grenadines. Snorkel, kayak or relax on deserted beaches, while exploring these wild islands.  

British Virgin Islands – For the first-time yacht charterer, the BVI is ideal. It has short sailing distances as well as a variety of beaches, mainly protected anchorages, access to marinas, and an assortment of restaurants. In addition to the secluded island of Anegada, the BVI make for a beautiful Caribbean vacation. The BVI are also rich with historical landmarks, from its indigenous tribes, Spanish, Dutch and British heritage.

Antigua & Barbuda – Here, yachts embark on charters to a myriad of protected bays, coves, and natural harbors. Together with the nearby island of Barbuda, there are more than 365 beaches to explore.

Grenada – This gorgeous island in the southern Caribbean is popularly known as ‘the Spice Island’ because its fertile volcanic soil grows plenty of fragrant nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa. It’s a perfect island for those who seek a genuine Caribbean experience. Hashing is also a fun and exciting Saturday tradition to take part in while in Grenada. A Malaysian tradition from 1938, Hashing is a social walk and run through the jungle with fun “rules”, drinks and food along the way. Look up some of the “rules” in advance, hashing is not to be missed!

North America

Florida – Year-round yacht charter destination in South Florida and the Florida Keys. Fishing, water sports, the dining experience ashore and shopping.

New England – From May until September the yacht charter season hums. July – September is the busy period and the warmest weather.

Alaska – An Alaskan yacht charter will bring you wonderfully close to glaciers, whales, and rocky coasts. Also, since charter boats are smaller in size, you’ll access places big cruise ships can’t, getting you up close to Alaska’s nature and wildlife.

The Pacific Northwest – Summertime is the season here. Fishing, shore excursions, hiking, glaciers are a few of the highlights in this area. Desolation Sound is a natural wonder to behold.

Mexico – Sea of Cortez – perfect spot for fishing and whale watching, as well as water sports. Yucatan Peninsula mix culture with tons of nightlife and watersports activities. The Yucatan is also known for the Basking Whale Shark, a fascinating large spotted shark that takes in food through a suction motion when opening its expansive mouth.

West Mediterranean

Choices and more choices. Summer is the prime season, from April until October.


French Riviera – To see and be seen. The vibe here is unbelievable. Restaurants, beaches, shopping, marinas, nightclubs, and live music on the beach. Cannes, St. Tropez and the islands.

Monaco – Monaco is one of the most popular and exclusive countries of the world. Monte Carlo where the casino and luxury hotels are located in the playground of choice for the famous and rich. On your Yacht Charter to Monaco, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty and luxuries of this haven. The fine gardens, mansions, neat streets, and sensational views make Monaco the world’s grandest aquarium you will love.


Barcelona – Barcelona is a colorful coastal city bursting with culture and entertainment. Cruise the coast and visit beautiful towns like Sitges, or go wine tasting in the Priorat region perched above the Mediterranean Sea.

Balearic Islands – Situated off the coast of Barcelona, Spain’s Balearic Islands are a perfect cruising destination for yacht charters. The four main islands of Menorca, Ibiza, Mallorca, and Formentera are adorned with hidden gems just awaiting exploration. This archipelago is brilliantly diverse and certain areas are only reachable by boat.


Italian Riviera – From May to October, it is from San Remo along the coast with Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Cinque Terre and more. Cruise an outstanding area with colorful Italian scenery. Villages on the hillside are out of a storybook. South of Liguria also sits Elba, a tiny island off the coast of Tuscany and east of Corsica. Wild and beautiful, you can hike, or relax on secluded beaches. It’s also famously the location of Napolean’s first exile in 1813.

Southern Italy – The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Naples, Ischia and Procida provide endless amazement. You can spend more than 14 nights cruising this coastal area rich in history and unmatched culture.

Sicily – Cruise the gorgeous Aeolian islands off the coast of Sicily, stopping in Lipari to tour the vibrant island before visiting the Stromboli volcanic crater. Next head to famed Taormina on the mainland to tour the hilltop city’s Roman amphitheater.

Sardinia – Emerald seas combine with lush, steep mountains on the island of Sardinia, just north of Sicily. The eastern shores have lovely beaches, especially in the north, where they meet the gorgeous Maddalena Archipelago. Vineyards and ancient ruins can be visited throughout the interior, making for a spectacular trip of a unique culture.

East Mediterranean

Greece – History, beautiful scenery, Santorini, Mykonos the party island, Rhodes and so many other unique isles, historical sites, cuisine, and people. Five major groups of islands comprise this yachting paradise.


  • Dodecanese – The Dodecanese Islands are made up of 15 large islands, and numerous smaller ones. Rhodes has been the area’s dominant island since antiquity. Of the others, Kos and Patmos are historically the more important.
  • Cyclades– The Cyclades Islands are one of the island groups in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. Naxos being the largest island and Ermoupoli (meaning “the city of Hermes”) on Syros is the capital town, both with ancient sites and white-washed landscapes to explore.
  • Ionian – The Ionians are a very popular yacht charter destination in Greece. Either starting and ending within the islands or doing a one way from Athens via the Corinth canal ending at one of the islands or ports. Corfu and Paxos are beautiful must-see destinations within this group of seven islands.
  • Saronic – The Saronic islands Yacht Charters visit some of the closest Greek islands to Athens. Your charter will take you not only to the mainland, but also to the islands of Aegina, Agistri, Kythera, Antikythera, Poros, Hydra, Salamina, and Spetses. Aegina, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses are busy tourist destinations during the summer months.
  • Sporades – The Sporades, situated along Greece’s central mainland and Evia, have kept the authentic island habitat and tradition, which has remained the same over the centuries.

Turkey – The Turkish Riviera of Marmaris, Bodrum and the coast are perfect for exploring on your private yacht charter. The Turkish cuisine is outstanding along with the hospitality of the people in this majestic area.

Croatia – Croatia has five distinct coastal regions: Each offer incredible culture, stunning UNESCO sites, medieval architecture, and gastronomic excellence. The protected Adriatic Sea and proximity of the Dalmatian Islands make for a perfect yacht charter.


  • Istria – Medieval towns and port cities like Pula and Rovinj exude culture and beauty in Istria. The lush green peninsula is also home to great vineyards and olive groves.
  • Kvarner – Spectacular architecture, wild islands and lively port cities like Rijeka make Kvarner a great yacht destination.
  • North Dalmatia – Along the coast you’ll find Roman cities, churches and cultural activities around Zadar. While off the coast, you can hike and climb your way through numerous national parks in the Kornati Islands.
  • Central Dalmatia – The spectacular city of Split sits at the heart of Central Dalmatian and cannot be missed. Just off the coast, you’ll sail to the islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis, Solta, each with their own personality.
  • South Dalmatia – The islands of Southern Dalmatia are home to top vineyards, yachting marinas, as well as Mlijet National Park. A great place for windsurfing and water sports, this area attracts many tourists. Also due to Croatia’s famous medieval coastal city of Dubrovnik.

Montenegro – Stunning beaches, rich history and tranquil towns will greet you on your yacht charter to Montenegro. Visit the medieval city of Budva then sail to Hawaii Beach on Sveti Nikola Island. You can also stop in the Bay of Kotor, before making a trek up to the Lovcen National Park high above the city.

Northern Europe

Norway – Norway has a long seafaring tradition. The coast is beautiful and has many islands, islets, inlets, and fjords that cut into the mainland. In Kristiansand, you can visit the Sørlandets Museum, which displays Norwegian art from 1800 to today. Or, go explore Mount Floyen where you’ll get incredible views of Bergen and the surrounding area.

Sweden– Sandwiched between two important bodies of water, The North Sea and The Baltic, Sweden is a magnificently alluring Northern Europe yacht charter destination. Inland, explore the wild forests to catch a glimpse of bears, wolves, moose and if you’re lucky, a rare lynx.

United Kingdom – The coast stretching from Cornwall to London affords yachters the chance to see windswept beaches, charming villages, and historic sites. Stop in Cowes to visit the Royal London Yacht Club, and of course cruise up the Hamble River to London.

Central America

Costa Rica – A paradise for action and adventure enthusiasts, from surfing, to fishing, diving and more. Inland, go hiking, ziplining or tour the numerous volcanoes, 6 of which are still active.

Panama – Situated between North and South America, Panama is justly named as the Crossroads of the Americas. Panama is known for its nature-rich and accessible rain-forests; along with spectacular mountains and highlands.

Belize – Swim with exotic sea life along the Western Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef. Explore the fascinating mysteries of the Mayan culture touring Mayan archaeological sites – the largest concentration throughout South and Central America. There are endless possibilities for your Belize luxury yacht charters vacation.

South America

Ecuador – Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands comprise of 61 volcanic islands of divine beauty that stretch along the equator in the Pacific Ocean. With a Galapagos Islands yacht charter, you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey through this unique and fascinating ecosystem.

Chile & Patagonia – A yacht charter in southern Chile will transport you to the incredible area known as Patagonia, one of the most interesting and fragile ecosystems in the world. The region, straddling both Chile and Argentina, features fjords, rivers, and unbelievably colored lakes. These waterways culminate in the world-famous glaciers and mountains of Patagonia’s breathtaking national parks.

South Pacific

Papua New Guinea – A land full of intrigue and mystery. The wildlife and nature is perhaps as rich and unique as the tribal culture that still exists in the dense forests land. Incredible hikes can be arranged in the mountainous interior, while reef marine life can be explored along the coast. Just north of Australia and bordering the Soloman Islands, Papua New Guinea can be combined with these equally exciting destinations.

Fiji – The timeless pace of the Fijian culture means that travelers can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and slow down to a simpler world. Fiji is the perfect destination for many different travelers, whether it’s a romantic getaway, a fairy tale honeymoon, or even a family vacation adventure filled with both excitement and relaxation.

Australia – Sailing or cruising the islands of Australia is one of the most memorable holidays you will ever have. It is perfect for couples, families, or groups of friends just wanting to get away from the daily grind. Outdoor adventure, sophisticated leisure, and everything that is exciting under the sun and out at sea awaits. Take a luxury yacht charter vacation that is like no other.

New Zealand – The most popular sailing area in New Zealand is a 170 mile stretch of coastline extending north from the main city of Auckland, with the Bay of Islands lying in the center. This area is rich in both European and Maori history. Capt. Cook anchored here and named the bay; also, the first white missionaries chose the Bay of Islands as their home base.

French Polynesia – Tahiti, the word brings visions of an island paradise. With 118 islands some with high, rugged mountain peaks, coral reefs, turquoise lagoons, white sand, and palm-fringed beaches. Also, each island paradise has something for everyone.


Thailand – Frenetic and bustling cities like Bangkok and Chang Mai are a start contrast to Thailand’s serene and beautiful islands and beaches. Whether you want to try water sports in Krabi, snorkel the reefs in Koh Phi Phi or party in Phuket, it’s possible in Thailand.

Maldives – With over 1k islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offer gorgeous beaches, and marine life. Delicious cuisine can be found in the capital city of Male, while far flung islands provide untouched beaches, caves and warm waters to explore.


Seychelles – This paradise, made up of 115 mostly uninhabited islands, is located off the coast of Africa. Mahé is the main island. Victoria is the capital city where you’ll find most of the islands’ cultural and eco-tourism hotspots, restaurants, bars, cafés, and walking trails.

Red Sea – Anyone looking for adventure will love the water sports and exciting land activities available on the Red Sea. Linking Africa to Asia, the Red Sea has diverse topography and ancient cultures to explore. Go off-roading, horseback riding or explore the dessert on Camelback. Modern restaurants, spas and city trips can also be included during this unforgettable journey.

When can you charter where?

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What activities are available on my Yacht Charter?

Based on your yacht and destination, there are a myriad of activities and water sports are available to do, such as:

  • Scuba diving
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Water-skiing
  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Water-skiing
  • Fishing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Jet-skiing
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Shopping 
  • Historic Site Visits & Museums 
  • Golfing 
  • Beachcombing 
  • Ziplining 
  • Hiking 
  • Off-roading ATV 
  • Motorcycle Riding 
  • Biking 
  • Nightlife 

What are my costs for chartering a yacht?

The following are charter rate options for your charter vacation depending on the yacht and sailing region. Rates and availability are subject to change without notice.  

Inclusive Charter Rates

All rates are in U.S. Dollars and are inclusive of meals, drinks, onboard water toys, ship’s bar and are based on the number of guests. (Typical in the Virgin Islands)
  • Embarkation Times:
    Embarkation and disembarkation are usually 12:00 to 12:00. Alternative times can be requested and are subject to the yacht’s availability before and after the charter. Please enquire should you have a special request.
  • Payment Terms:
    50% upon signing of the agreement. The balance of 50% to be paid 45 days before the charter. Payments are via wire transfer.
  • Itineraries:
    Itineraries are subject to weather conditions; if circumstances prevent sailing to a specific planned area, the Captain will do his best —but ultimately, he is responsible for the guests’ safety and the safety of the boat.

*Rates and availability are subject to change without notice.

  • Included in Charter Rates:
    The Charter Fee includes the charter of the Vessel with all its equipment in working order; tools; stores; cleaning materials and essential consumable stores for the engine room, deck, galley, and cabins; laundry of ship’s linen. All meals, snacks, ship’s bar and onboard water toys. Rates are based on the number of guests.
  • Not Included:
    The Charterer will pay, at cost, for all other expenses. These include, but are not limited to, shore-side transport for the guest party. Dockage if requested by the charterer, cruising taxes, customs formalities; Fine wines, and excessive alcohol consumption; Charter Party communications including internet use (if not included in the charter fee), and the hire or purchase costs of any special equipment placed on board at the Charterer’s request.

Plus Expenses (+APA)

Rates can be in U.S. Dollars or Euros and are plus all expenses. Rates and availability are subject to change without notice. 
  • Embarkation Times:
    Embarkation and disembarkation are usually 12:00 to 12:00. Alternative times can be requested and are subject to the yacht’s availability before and after the charter. Please enquire should you have a special request. Embarkation times can vary by boat.
  • A.P.A.: Advance Provisioning Allowance
    The A.P.A. essentially creates a bank account for the Captain to purchase provisions, fuel, dockage, beverages, bar, and other consumables on the Charterer’s behalf. The percentage used for is A.P.A. is between 30 – 35% of the base charter fee for motor-yachts. Any amount not used will be refunded at the end of the charter. If the A.P.A. exceeds the collected A.P.A., it is the Charterer’s responsibility to settle all accounts before disembarkation.
  • Payment Terms:
    50% upon signing of the agreement. The balance of 50% plus all expenses to be paid one month before the charter. Payments are via wire transfer.

*Rates and availability are subject to change without notice.

  • Included in Charter Rates:
    The Charter Fee includes the charter of the Vessel with all its equipment in working order; tools; stores; cleaning materials and essential consumable stores for the engine room, deck, galley, and cabins; laundry of ship’s linen; the crew’s wages, uniform, and food; the insurance of the Vessel and crew.
  • Not Included:
    The Charterer will pay, at cost, for all other expenses. These include, but are not limited to, shore-side transport for the guest party, fuel for the main engines and generators; fuel for the tenders and water sports equipment; food and beverages for the Charterer’s Party; dockage and other harbor fees, customs formalities and any charges for waste disposal, charges for water and electricity taken from shore; the ship’s agents fees where applicable; personal laundry; Charter Party communications including internet use (if not included in the charter fee), and the hire or purchase costs of any special equipment placed on board at the Charterer’s request.
  • Itineraries:
    Itineraries are subject to weather conditions; if circumstances prevent sailing to a specific planned area, the Captain will do his best —but ultimately, he is responsible for the guests’ safety and the safety of the boat.

What are the additional charter costs?


10-20% of charter rate is customary for captain and crew. Gratuity to be paid directly to them at the end of the charter. 

Relocation Fees:

If your desired yacht must be brought to a different port than where it is normally situated, you may incur relocation fees.  

Government Taxes:

  • There may be Value Added Tax (VAT) in addition to the charter fee and APA, depending on the location of the charter.  
  • The percentage varies by country. We, your charter broker will advise you of the current rate. The rate can change without notice. 

Before and after charter accommodations and transfers

  • Transportation to and from port of embarkation is not included in charter rates or fees.
  • All transfers to and from the airport and port is not included.
  • Any pre- or post-trip accommodation is not included.
  • CKIM Group is happy to assist with arrangements.

Additional excursions (helicopter, deep sea fishing, etc.)

  • All non-yacht related excursions come with added costs.
  • These include, but are not limited to, helicopter tours, deep-sea fishing trips, motorcycle trips, rock-climbing adventures.
  • Please inquire about any desired excursions.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend that you protect your vacation investment against a variety of possible losses over which you have no control by purchasing travel protection. We will provide travel protection quotes based on the households on the charter and each person’s date of birth. It is necessary to send us this information. 

Please Note: To be eligible for the waiver of pre-existing medical condition exclusion, the protection plan must be purchased within15 days (Travel Basic) or 21 days (Travel Select) from the time you make your initial trip deposit. However, the plan can be purchased any time before departure. 

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries and may be changed without notice. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. 

What is charter’s liability insurance ?

a type of marine insurance designed to provide coverage for the liabilities including those of care, custody, and control (CCC) assumed by a party chartering a vessel when the vessel’s operation remains in the control of the vessel’s owner.

Who needs charterer’s liability?

Everyone who charters a boat.


Because yachts do not (normally) cover the liability of a charterer or guests. The yacht’s insurance covers the liability of the owner and crew but in the event a charterer causes damage to the yacht or to a third party, the charterer’s assets are not protected by the vessel’s policy.


We recommend speaking to your insurance Broker to determine if your existing insurance policies provide liability coverage when chartering a yacht.

Requesting a copy of the yacht’s insurance policy to determine if liability coverage extends to the charterer.

Why should I consider charterer’s liability insurance?

When chartering a yacht, it is essential to know that boats do not (usually) cover the liability of a charterer or his/her guests. The yacht’s insurance covers the liability of the owner and crew. In the event, a charterer causes damage to the boat or a third party, the vessel’s policy does not protect the charterer’s assets, and damages for which the charterer is responsible are not limited. In spite of what the charter contract says, a charter’s financial responsibility is NOT limited by the terms of the agreement.

A charter contract does NOT prevent insurance companies or third parties from exercising their rights against the charterer. The charterer can either answer the suits personally or purchase a Charterers Liability policy.

Can I be added to the vessel’s insurance as an additional insured?

The answer is, more than likely, no. There could be a cost to add you to the yacht’s policy. AND you the charterer would “share” the liability limit with the vessel’s owner.

How can I protect yourself while on charter?

You may purchase Charterer’s Liability insurance which covers the legal liability of charterers and guests during the charter. We recommend you consult with a marine insurance specialist of your choice for this specialized form of insurance.

How does the yacht charter booking process work?

After discussing your vacation plans with us, we will present you with the boat options based on your dates, yacht charter destination, type of boat and size for your group. We will answer all of your questions. After you have selected your boat, the next steps follow accordingly.

Our 9 step journey​

CKIM Introduction

  • History
  • Team
  • Mission

Client Information Gathering

  • Your preferred dates?
  • Occasion?
  • Travelers and relationship?
  • Charter cost range?
  • Activities?
  • Interests?

Yacht Selection

  • Destination?
  • Yacht type?
  • CKIM provides quotes
  • Review yacht quotes and select a boat best-suited to your group’s needs

Confirmation & Contracts

  • Confirm charter availability
  • Sign contracts
  • Pay first deposit
  • Provide all group details to CKIM for Insurance quote & manifest

Pre-Trip Planning

  • Complete preference forms (Dosskit)
  • Introductory call with Captain & Crew
  • Receive Axus Travel App
  • Pre-departure call with CKIM Group (7-10 days prior to trip).

Yacht Arrival

  • Meet Captain at embarkation
  • Introduction to your crew and yacht
  • Safety briefing
  • Welcome activities

During Trip

  • Daily briefings with Captain and crew
  • Receive check-in from CKIM Group


  • Settlement of APA balance if applicable
  • Payment of customary tips
  • Farewell to Captain and crew

Post Trip

  • Receive and complete your trip servey
  • Debrief Call with CMIM Group
  • Dream of your next charter

How do you prepare for the trip?

There are a few essential steps to take in preparing for your yacht charter. We will guide you through the process of completing your preference forms and you’ll even speak to the yacht crew before your departure.

Complete Your Dosskit Preference Form

  • As part of your booking process, we will email you the Preference Forms (DossKit) link for your careful completion.
  • This form will have your food, drink, activity, passport information, shoe size, food intolerances, and allergy information. It is essential for your crew to know what is important to you and as much information as possible to begin planning your menu and itinerary.
  • Before your arrival at your yacht, the crew will contact you to discuss your vacation plans and the preferences detailed on the Preference Form.
  • Once onboard your yacht, the captain will conduct an orientation and safety briefing before departing on your vacation. During the cruise, it is critical to communicate with the captain and crew with any questions and or requests. They are available and will assist you with arrangements.

Will there be any pre-communication with the crew?

  • If, after completing your preference sheet, you decide there is something more the crew might need to know (special occasions, changes in activities), just contact CKIM Group and we will be happy to communicate your needs to the yacht-crew.
  • As noted, your captain and/or chef will contact you before your arrival to discuss your preferences and vacation plans.
  • Your captain’s primary role is the safety of guests, crew and the yacht and he will be considering this at all times.
  • The chefs and crews on board your luxury yacht charter want nothing more than for your dream vacation to become a reality. They will work very hard to make sure all of your needs satisfied, and your expectations surpassed.
  • You will also have the opportunity to indicate what type of activities you wish to enjoy. Don’t be shy–the more detail and information you include the better
  • It is immensely helpful for the crew to understand what you would like to gain from your experience onboard. The Dosskit (Preference Form) is your opportunity to let the crew know.
    • Are you hoping to rest and rejuvenate?
    • Try a new water sport?
    • Explore a new area?

Pre-Communication of Dietary Needs to the Chef

  • The captain and chef use the Dosskit (Preference Form) as the vital tool to plan and prepare for your vacation. Include and review any dietary restrictions or favorites you may have.
  • One of the many benefits of a luxury yacht charter is having a chef. Based on your dietary needs, be it gluten-free, plant-based, low carb, or anything, the chef will plan meals to your liking based on your requests.
  • If there is a particular brand or label of the food, wine, or liquor you like while on your charter, the Preference Form is your chance to specify those wishes.

What Should I Pack?

  • Your cruising area will largely determine what type of clothing you may want to bring due to the various climates. For instance, cruising through New England, you may need a sweater or windbreaker as the evening can be crisp. If you’re traveling through the Caribbean, the temperature can be warm year-round, but ladies might especially appreciate a wrap or shawl as the evening breeze can be cool.
  • Regardless of your specific cruising area, however, resort casual is usually the comfortable level of attire, unless you have planned a formal evening with the crew or on-shore dining.
  • Bathing suits, shorts, and casual beach attire are undoubtedly the order of the day on deck. Wear aquatic shoes for beach combing. Finally, guarding against the sun is vital. So, pack caps or wide-brimmed hats, and loose-fitting cotton cover-ups.

Travel Trip Information will be provided on your personalized Axus App, and will be available to download by all guests

  • Your trip details and information including sample packing lists will be available on your Axus Travel App.
  • For more information on Axus
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What to expect on-board

For more, please see our Day in the Life infographic.


As noted, your crew and chef will always be available to help with any and all needs you may have. You’ll have daily briefings to discuss weather, activities, itinerary and meals. The CKIM staff are also at your disposable if you have any concerns while chartering. 


Your professional crew is proactive and will take care of all the details of your luxury yacht charter. You can relax and unwind. The chef will plan each meal based on your specific preferences.


Your captain will guide you to your preferred destination- the quietest beaches, the secluded anchorages or the liveliest entertainment spots.

Laundry & Housekeeping

  • Laundry facilities and options depends on yacht, please inquire.
  • Daily housekeeping is routine. Sheets and towel changes may vary.
  • Turn-down service is yacht specific.
  • Personal items including shampoo, soap, hairdryers, etc. are typically available, please inquire for more details on your yacht’s products.

Entertainment & Technology

  • Wi-Fi is typically available. Please inquire regarding specific needs.
  • Movies, Netflix and TV may also be available.
  • Sound system and personalized music offerings are available.
  • Fitness equipment and/or on-board yoga classes can be arranged prior to trip.

Fitness and Wellness

  • Fitness equipment varies by yacht and should be discussed prior to your trip.
  • Wellness activities including yoga and Pilates can also be requested but must be discussed prior to your trip.

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