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Greece Catamaran Charters 2022

Enjoy sailing the Greek islands on a private crewed sailing catamaran with your chef and captain. Greece catamaran charters 2022 are one of the best ways to see Greece and the islands.

This destination may well be one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. With exquisite natural beauty, deep blue water, and rich history, you will want to explore these ancient shores and see the area up close in 2022.

OMBRE BLU3 sailing catamaran offering  delightful cuisine
OMBRE BLU3 Greece Catamaran Charter 2022

See ancient ruins such as the Acropolis and Poseidon’s Temple, smell the salt air, feel the warm sun and breeze on your skin, and taste delicious Mediterranean cuisine. A catamaran charter in Greece will undoubtedly touch all of your senses.

Why Charter a Catamaran in Greece?

There’s certainly something magical about the Greek Islands. Each island has its personality, and they are all authentic and lovely. Sail the Sporades, Dodecanese, Cyclades, Ionian, or the Saronic Islands. Chartering a catamaran lets you sail across the incredibly blue Aegean water and travel to places only on a boat. You can island-hop, swim in exceptionally clear waters, relax on pristine beaches, and unpack only once!

Greece Catamaran Charters in 2022: A Few Options


68-foot OMBRE BLU3 accommodates eight guests in 4 cabins.

Catamaran OMBRE BLU3 chartering in Italy and Greece


67-foot AETHER accommodates eight guests in 4 cabins.

Fontaine Pajot 67 AETHER chartering in Greece


65-foot WORLD’S END accommodates ten guests in 5 cabins.

Greece catamaran charters 2022


62-foot VALIUM 62 accommodates ten guests in 5 cabins.

Catamaran Valium 62


58-foot HIGHJINKS accommodates eight guests in 4 cabins. Charter in Greece.

Catamaran Highjinks, a Greek crewed catamaran
Catamaran Highjinks


58-foot MOYA accommodates ten guests in 5 cabins.

Moya a Greece catamaran charters in 2022

What is There to Do when Chartering in Greece?

There are so many activities to do on your catamaran charter. Discover culinary delights, savor local wines, and wander through ancient streets. Photograph the colorful landscapes, snorkel clear water, or scuba dive to find historic shipwrecks. Visit a spa and pamper yourself with a massage that uses locally sourced projects. Since there’s so much to see and do, you may want to stay for longer than a week. For sample itineraries, please view our Greece charter itineraries.

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