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Azalea-Spa Luxury Yacht-Charter Services

Azalea-Spa Luxury Yacht-Charter Services is a Greek-based company. It operates two salons in Peloponnese and Attica and employs some 30 skilled therapists. They offer many services, including many kinds of massages, manicures, pedicures, and face and body treatments and care. Azalea specializes in providing yacht owners and guests with individually tailored beauty and relaxation regimens. In addition to the below the staff can also provide hair styling, makeup, and yoga, and Pilates instruction services.

Greek Azalea Spa Luxury Services
Sailing in Greece onboard luxury sailing yacht SY Daniella II.

Greek Azalea Spa Luxury Services

The pride of the place is Azalea’s massage services. In addition to traditional back, neck, and shoulder massages, they offer many unique kinds of treatments. These include hand and feet massages, hot stone therapies, and Swedish massages and aromatherapy. Clients can also experience sacred, authentic Polynesian oil Monoi de Tahiti massages for a perfect combination of pleasure, relaxation, and wellness. Finally, Azalea’s therapists can also perform sports massages. These target muscles to prevent and treat muscle pain, injuries, and those with limited mobility.

Beyond massages, Azalea can also pamper you with other treatments. They have a selection of facials available, such as eye and lip contour treatments to create smooth, healthy, and unblemished skin. The company’s signature treatments are especially attractive. Body peeling exfoliates dead skin, leaving you looking lighter, smoother, and younger. Those with a sweet tooth might consider a chocolate spa treatment. This includes cocoa-based creams and oils, such as chocolate waxes, cocoa hand cream, and chocolatey lip gloss. Most decadent is the golden spa treatment. It uses 24-carat gold and flowers from field and desert regions to promote revitalization and anti-aging effects.

If there is a hammock or sauna room on your yacht then Azalea’s therapists can provide you with a special service. As desired they can prepare a Turkish Bath. This begins with an influx of hot, dry air to promote perspiration. After being heated the bather is washed with cold water, massaged, and finally retired to a cool room to relax. Hair removal is also available, as is personal fitness training with individualized programs.

Greek Azalea Spa Luxury Services
Sailing in Greece onboard S/Y ALYSSA

Greek Azalea Spa Luxury Services | Kids and Teens

There’s no reason to leave your kids out either! Azalea offers treatments for children as young as 5 years old. Those up to 12 years can discover relaxation methods in a Pirates & Mermaids session, or young girls can get decorative nail polish applied in Princess Nails. Massages are particularly beneficial to children to assist in their development, and parent-child massages offer a wonderful method to bond in a healthy way. Teenagers can also enjoy a luxury spa treatment of their own as well as a skin-cleansing bank scrub on the head, shoulders, and back.

Greek Azalea Spa Luxury Services | Terms of Service

All of Azalea’s therapists have specialized experience in onboard services. Each will sign a private agreement legally ensuring the quality and confidentiality of all of their services. The staff prides themselves on their good appearances and discretion. The cost of service is 400€ per day (including 8 hours of daily work). A VAT (+24%) will also be included If you need an invoice to provide services. Services provided abroad (outside Greek borders) receive a +30% charge. Board and any transportation costs to the staff are borne by the customer.

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