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Experience the Luxury, Convenience, and Adventure of a
Scuba Yacht Charter

Scuba yacht charter allow you to see the other half of your charter destination. While some days you may be enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the land and ocean breezes; other days you’ll want to explore the colors and wonders of an entirely different world – below the sea. Charter guests consistently state that Scuba diving was the highlight of their charter (even more than the food!).

Some of the best diving can only be experienced from a boat-based setting. Forget those short boat rides from land, for those who really want to experience the undersea world you need to venture out to those hard to get to locations where only a private yacht can take you.

There’s nothing quite like diving from the deck of your private charter yacht.  In addition to the privacy and personal service, there’s no pre-determined schedule that you have to fit into, and you get to sample those off-the-beaten-track dive sites. You will experience such convenience and ease as your yacht will anchor right at the dive site or nearby waters where your dive experience is only a short dinghy ride away.

Scuba diving provides you incredible memories of your charter, not to mention a lot of excitement, fun, and adventure! Scuba diving turns a great yacht charter into an awesome charter!

Customized Dive Experience

Luxury yacht charters, in collaboration with Aqua Safari Adventures scuba services, offers you a customized dive experience on your yacht charter vacation. This is the perfect option for those concerned with diving in an unfamiliar location, who have never dived and want to learn, or for those who want to ensure they hit all the best dive spots.

We will arrange for a certified dive instructor, from Aqua Safari Adventures, to be your personal dive guide during the course of your scuba yacht charter vacation. They will take care of all your diving needs giving you have the best possible dive experience.

Your personal dive guide will come aboard as a crew member and coordinate your charter itinerary with the captain. Are you interested in colorful coral and the tropical fish life or the adventure of wall diving and shipwrecks? This is your scuba yacht charter vacation and we want to make sure its prepared according to your desires. Before heading out on your yacht charter vacation, you will have the opportunity to consult with your dive guide. You can ask questions and discuss your concerns so that you’re taken on a totally customized and yacht charter vacation.

Are you interested in becoming scuba certified?  Your dive instructor is trained to lead such course-work and can take you through the process to become scuba certified.

Its all within your reach, and its all up to you!

Scuba Diving Yachts

Luxury Yacht Charters offers you an assortment of scuba diving yachts for your luxury yacht charter vacation. From catamarans, sailing yachts, to motor yachts these luxury yachts charter all around the globe. Wherever you imagine yourself scuba diving, we will have the perfect yacht for you.

Aqua Safari Adventures Scuba Diving, Starfish and Diver

Whether you want to earn scuba certification or enjoy an exciting dive vacation, Luxury Yacht Charters will make it happen.

You make the memories. We make the arrangements.

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