Segundo Viento Catamaran


One of the best boats at the 2021 BVI Yacht Show was SEGUNDO VIENTO. BVI Holiday Rates: SEGUNDO VIENTO are: SEGUNDO VIENTO: The Yacht In Spanish, “Segundo Viento’ means ‘Second Wind’. What a perfect name for this indulgent catamaran. It’s a brand new 640 Privilege and the first of its kind. The legendary shipyard included […]

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Photo of Eco-Friendly Sailing Yacht KAI

Eco-Friendly Sailing Yacht KAI

If you’re looking to book a charter in the Caribbean and don’t want to worry about excessive fuel charges, or maybe you are trying to be more eco-friendly, KAI is a charter boat to consider. She is a 70-foot sailing vessel that leaves little carbon footprint in her wake. Eco-friendly cruising “We try to run […]

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