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The Enchanting Beauty of Dominica

Quintessentially Caribbean, Dominica is a mountainous island nation filled with natural hot springs, tropical rainforests, and national parks. The island has many unique features, such as the highest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean, waterfalls, hot springs, black and white sand beaches, and abundant wildlife. Moreover, there are no poisonous snakes or plants on the island.

Dominican Mountains

Dominica | Climate

In Dominica, it is hot and humid all year with slight variations. Daily rain showers are common but usually pass quickly. For this reason, you may want to pack a light poncho for unexpected downpours. Evenings may be more relaxed, especially on the water, so a lightweight sweatshirt may come in handy.

Places to See

  • Boiling Lake. Located within Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the Boiling Lake is a hidden gem that entices adventurers on a challenging three-hour trek. Its bubbling, gray-green waters offer a mesmerizing sight.
  • Roseau. Explore Dominica’s capital, Roseau, where you’ll discover a city that’s not overly touristy yet brimming with charm and cultural offerings.
  • Rivers and Waterfalls. Wander along the island’s rivers and seek out enchanting waterfalls tucked away in the lush forests.
  • Titou Gorge: Wade and swim through the enchanting Titou Gorge, a narrow canyon with towering rock walls that leads to a beautiful waterfall. It’s a unique and refreshing experience.

Things to Do

  • Hike. Dominica’s interior has a network of hiking trails where you can walk from one end of the island to the other, discover waterfalls, or travel across an active volcanic caldera.
  • Dive. Dominica has an amazing underwater world. Explore shallow inshore coral reefs, seemingly bottomless drop-offs, pinnacles, and active volcanic vents. Several dive shops offer organized dives.
  • Whale and Dolphin Watching: Dominica is a prime location for whale and dolphin watching. Join a boat tour to spot humpback whales, sperm whales, and playful dolphins in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters.
  • River Tubing: Drift down the island’s rivers on an inner tube for an exhilarating river tubing adventure. You’ll navigate gentle rapids while enjoying the scenic surroundings.
  • Visit Emerald Pool: Hike to the serene Emerald Pool, a freshwater pool in the rainforest. The short trail leads you to a picturesque waterfall, where you can swim and cool off in the emerald-colored waters.
  • Bird Watching: Dominica’s diverse ecosystems make it a bird-watcher’s paradise. Spot colorful and rare bird species in the island’s national parks and rainforests. Keep an eye out for the Sisserou parrot, the national bird of Dominica.


The cuisine of Dominica is diverse and influenced by African, Caribbean, French, and English cuisine. Most Dominican meals contain chicken, but pork and beef are also used, and sauces for meat dishes are usually made from local peppers and fruits.

Dominica | Marinas

Because there are only narrow shelves near shore to anchor on with extreme drop-offs, there are only four viable anchorages in Dominica: Prince Rupert Bay, Soufriere, Charlotte Ville, and Grand Marigot Bay. Mooring balls are available around the island.

Many Caribbean Motor Yacht Charters from Antigua visit Dominica for its superb diving and eco-tourism. It is more than a beach. Contact us for possible yacht options.