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Whale Tail. Alaska

North American Yacht Charters

Luxury Yacht Charters offers yacht charter options in North America. These include the cooler regions of Alaska, New England, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada. Warmer areas include Florida and Mexico. Sail and motor yacht options are available on one of the North American yacht charter vacations.

Things to do on a North American Yacht Charter

  • Photograph fantastic scenery and wildlife in Alaska.
  • Take a day trip to the Dry Tortugas in Florida.
  • Sample fresh seafood in New England.
  • Explore ancient civilizations in Mexico.
  • Kayak and whale watching in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Hike in Canada.
  • Sail the West Coast of America

Places to See in North America

There are countless places to see in North America. The landscapes range from the untamed Alaskan wilderness to the relaxing sandy beaches of Mexico. Some suggested highlights include the following:

  • Glaciers in Alaska. Alaska’s glaciers are genuinely one of the world’s natural wonders.
  • Key West in Florida. Besides visiting iconic bars such as Sloppy Joe’s, take a step back to author Ernest Hemingway’s residence.
  • Martha’s Vineyard in New England. Although Martha’s Vineyard welcomes visitors year-round, it’s best to visit during the warmer months.
  • Mayan ruins in Mexico. Mexico is home to many ancient ruins such as Coba, Tulum’s coastal ruins, and the Calakmul Mayan Ruins.
  • The San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest. There’s no lack of natural beauty in these islands’ landscapes.
  • The 1000 Islands in Canada. Once a fashionable retreat for the elite in the late 19th century, today, the area is known for outdoor activities.

The Climate in North America

The climate in North America is varied. The Arctic is dry and cold,d while Florida and Mexico enjoy tropical weather. Most of North America is cold in the winter and warm in the summer, and precipitation is moderate. Some areas have mild winters and long, hot summers while others have harsh winters and short summers.

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New England Yacht Charters | Explore Coastal Wonders

New England Yacht Charters | Explore Coastal Wonders
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Pacific Coast of Mexico Yacht Charters

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Pacific Northwest Yacht Charter

Pacific Northwest Yacht Charter
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North American Yacht Charters | Gastronomy

To truly appreciate the cuisine of North America, one must focus on one area at a time. Although many dishes reflect international influences, other recipes are strictly indigenous. The most important Native American crops generally included corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, sunflowers, wild rice, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peanuts, avocados, potatoes, and cacao. More southern areas have Caribbean flavors, while northern areas have more European influences. 

North American Yacht Charters | Destinations

Looking to explore some of North America's most beautiful destinations? You're in luck! From the sunny beaches of Florida to the rugged coasts of Mexico, there are plenty of unique places to explore. 

Check out our list of the best yacht charter destinations in this region. Start planning your next adventure today.

New England Yacht Charters

From Martha's Vineyard to Newport, many hidden gems along this coastline section make New England a popular destination for yacht charters. From Boston to the south, New England has a variety of areas perfect for yacht charter vacations.

The eastern coast is excellent for those looking to enjoy cultural experiences like exploring the Cape Cod National Seashore or visiting Provincetown, which is bustling with lively nightlife. The western coast also offers many sights, such as coastal lighthouses, fishing villages, and more. There is plenty of excitement in New England, so explore! Experience one of the East Coast Yacht Cruises.

Alaska Yacht Charters

One of the best ways to experience America's gorgeous coastline is through a luxury yacht charter vacation. With your luxurious vessel at your disposal, you can sail to spectacular lighthouses and glaciers, around crystal clear fjords and rocky islands, and over calm bays and secluded coves.

You'll find yourself in awe of the stunning landscapes and wildlife surrounding you, free to explore as much or as little as you want. A private boat charter offers ultimate privacy and comfort, so you'll feel like royalty without all the pomp and circumstance. Alaska is one of the most pristine destinations for travelers who love nature and adventure; join us for a luxury yachting vacation today!

Florida Yacht Charters

Miami offers an array of yacht charter options to explore the beautiful coastline. In addition, the Florida Keys are an excellent choice for those looking to try their fishing skills, snorkel, or relax on a tranquil beach.

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