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Luxury Yacht Charter Experiences

What would you like to experience on your next luxury vacation? Are you passionate about history, and exploring UNESCO protected sites? Or maybe, you’re a seasoned scuba diver looking to visit incredible reefs. Whether you’re passionate about water sports or wine, we will tailor an experience just for you. If you’re looking to simply relax on a remote beach, or spend your time doing yoga, we can make your wishes a reality. Our luxury yacht charter experiences can accommodate diverse activities ranging from a family reunion, to a once in a lifetime honeymoon trip.

Our yacht charter experts will work with you to identify the right yacht and destination to best-suit your group’s unique personalities and desires. With five types of yachts, and countless, beautiful destinations worldwide, your luxury yacht experience with CKIM Group is waiting to be crafted. Even the most extreme expeditions, like sailing in Alaska and helicoptering to nearby glaciers, can be arranged. Combining land adventures like trekking, ziplining, ancient temple and volcano visits are all possible on a yacht charter. Rather, if you want to dive headfirst into the sea, and remain on-board your floating retreat, that’s also possible.

While we’ve identified 8 experiences, there are many destinations that can deliver a combination of elements you’re looking for. The best part is, you can visit a variety of places without re-packing or wasting precious vacation time in transit. Instead, you can relax in total comfort, with your needs being catered to by your professional crew and chef.

For the widest range of yacht availability, we suggest to book as early as possible. It’s really never too soon to start planning your custom, crewed, yacht charter experience. If you’ve never chartered before, don’t worry, just head to our First Time Yachter Guide to learn about the planning journey.

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Secluded Beach Escape Experiences

Get away from it all. Far away. Set sail to remote islands, unspoiled coastlines, and pristine pink beaches. Unwind, disconnect, and breathe, far from crowds, stress, and noise. If like many, you’re in need of true peace and quiet, a secluded beach yacht charter couldn’t be more right for you.

Gastronomy and Wine Experiences

Do you daydream of sipping a crisp glass of white wine while looking out over the shimmering Mediterranean Sea? Does your mouth water at the site of just-caught fish grilling alongside fragrant Sorrento lemons? 

Action and Adventure Experiences

A luxury yacht charter doesn’t have to be completely serene and easy-going unless of course, you want it to be. For those of you who love the adrenaline rush that comes with high octane sports and motorized toys, you’re probably ready for an action and adventure yacht charter.

Water Sports Experiences

It goes without saying, a luxury yacht charter is an excellent vacation for anyone interested in water sports, both novices and those who are elite. With so many beautiful islands surrounded by coral reefs and UNESCO-protected ecosystems, the access you’ll have to snorkel and scuba diving sites is phenomenal. 

History and Culture Experiences

One of the most intriguing parts of travel entails learning about a destination’s past. A luxury yacht charter enables you to explore the history of numerous islands or even countries on one trip. What’s more, you have access to remote places to witness lesser-known aspects of societies, most people never get to see.

Nature and Wildlife Experiences

Why base yourself on land when you can experience a variety of sea life, birds, and mammals from the comfort of a luxury yacht? Wake up to whales outside your window and eat your lunch alongside cheerful jumping dolphins. Nature and wildlife yacht charters provide an extraordinary opportunity to be immersed in tremendous ecosystems.

Lively Nightlife Experiences

While you can certainly have a lively and fun time onboard your yacht, some charter destinations offer great bars, clubs, and restaurants as well. Many lively ports and marinas feature seasonal entertainment ranging from dance clubs, concerts, food, and wine festivals, and more.

Wellness & Spa Experiences

A luxury yacht charter is meant to relax and rejuvenate you. From private onboard massages, yoga sessions, and onboard spas, it will do just that. Some larger yachts are equipped with gyms, saunas, pools, and hot tubs to enjoy at your leisure. 

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