First-Time Yacht Charter Guide

How To Charter A Yacht

Whether you’ve chartered before or are new to luxury yacht chartering, our First Time Yachter Guide can help you. It is packed with FAQs, a boat comparison guide, experiences, and infographics; it’s a great way to learn about chartering. Get started by viewing our 9-step yacht charter booking journey below.

Our 9-Step Booking Journey​

  1. Describe Your Vacation vision
  2. Let us know your preferred charter dates
  3. What’s the occasion?
  4. How many guests, and what is the group dynamic?
  5. Charter cost range?
  6. Activities and interests?
  7. Preferred Destination?
  8. Charter History
  9. Yacht Type
    • Motor-Yacht
    • Sailboat
    • Sailing Catamaran
    • Motor-sailor
    • Power catamaran

What Happens Next in Your Yacht Charter Booking Process?

  1. Your broker checks the availability
  2. Broken sends you a proposal
  3. You review the yacht options, then select 2 to 3 yachts of your choice.
  4. Discuss these options with your broker.
  5. Finalize the selected yacht.
  6. Broker reserves yacht.
  7. Prepares the contract for your review.
  8. Contract signing by all parties.
  9. Pay the first deposit with signing.
  10. Complete Guest Manifest
  11. CKIM sends  Travel Insurance quote 

How Do You Prepare For Your Yacht Charter Vacation?

  1. Complete preferences forms
  2. Introductory call with the Captain
  3. Receive the Axus Travel App link.
  4. Pre-departure call with CKIM 7-10 days before the trip

Arrival at Port of Embarkation

  • Meet Captain at embarkation
  • Introduction to your crew and yacht
  • Safety briefing
  • Welcome Activities

What To Expect Onboard Your Charter Yacht?

  • Daily briefings with Captain
  • Receive check-in from CKIM Group
  • Let us know how things are going

Post Yacht Charter Trip

  • Settlement of APA balance, if applicable
  • Payment of customary tips
  • Farewell to Captain and crew
  • Receive and complete your trip survey
  • Debrief call with CKIM Group
  • Plan your next yacht charter vacation

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