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First Time Yacht Charter Guide

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Our Guide To Chartering A Yacht

Whether you’ve chartered before or are new to luxury yacht chartering, our First Time Yachter Guide can help you. It is packed with FAQs, a boat comparison guide, experiences, and infographics; it’s a great way to learn about chartering. Get started by viewing our 9-step yacht charter booking journey below.

yacht charter guide

Our 9 Step Booking Journey​

Client Information Gathering

  • Your Vacation vision
  • Favorite vacations
  • Preferred charter dates
  • The occasion
  • How many guests and relationship?
  • Charter cost range?
  • Activities and interests?
  • Destination preferred?
  • Charter History
  • Yacht Type
    • Motor-Yacht
    • Sailboat
    • Sailing Catamaran
    • Motor-sailor
    • Power catamaran

CKIM Information

Yacht Selection

  • Your broker checks availability
  • Sends you a proposal
  • You review the yacht options, then select 2 to 3 yachts of your choice.
  • Discuss these options with your broker.
  • Finalize the selected yacht.

Confirmation & Contracts

  • Broker reserves yacht.
  • Prepares the contract for your review.
  • Contract signing by all parties.
  • Pay first deposit with signing.
  • Complete Guest Manifest
  • CKIM sends  Travel Insurance quote 

Pre-Trip Planning

  • Complete preference forms
  • Introductory call with the Captain
  • Receive the Axus Travel App link.
  • Pre-departure call with CKIM 7-10 days before the trip

Yacht Arrival

  • Meet Captain at embarkation
  • Introduction to your crew and yacht
  • Safety briefing
  • Welcome activities

During Trip

  • Daily briefings with Captain
  • Receive check-in from CKIM Group
  • Let us know how things are going.


  • Settlement of APA balance if applicable
  • Payment of customary tips
  • Farewell to Captain and crew

Post Trip

  •  Receive and complete your trip survey
  • Debrief call with CKIM Group
  • Plan your next yacht charter vacation

First Time Yacht Charter Guide


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