Boat Comparison Chart

Boat Comparison

Sailing CatamaransPower CatamaransSailboatsMotor YachtsMotor Sailors
Versatile, spacious, and perfect for warm destinations.
Flybridge offers 360 views and seating.
We covered the aft cockpit area.
Multiple lounging areas.
Easy access to the water.
Spacious salon.
Trampolines on some models.
A comfortable ride, as they sail flatter than a monohull/sailboat.
The shallow draft gives access to more bays.
Similar cabin sizes.
Low fuel consumption.
Flybridge 360 views.
We covered the aft cockpit area.
Multiple lounging areas and generous space.
Easy access to the water from the transom.
Shallow draft access more bays.
Low fuel consumption.
Similar cabin sizes.
Spacious decks.
Comfortable salons.
Some with a flybridge.
Wind and sea experience.
Environmentally friendly.
Learn to sail opportunities & ways to participate.
Low fuel consumption.
Luxury, speed, & flexibility.
Multiple decks and shaded areas for relaxing. Some offer Jacuzzis and Spas.
Staterooms with private en-suite facilities.
Multiple dining locations, indoor or alfresco on the deck.
Many have stabilizers.
Numerous toys, tenders, and equipment.
Boats with sails but mainly use engine power.
Mainly Traditional Greek/Turkish boats.
Croatia has high-end motor sailors.
Some with large flybridges for entertaining and relaxing.
Large cabins for singles and couples.
Well-appointed accommodations.
Many have en-suite standard-sized bathrooms.
It can feature elegant teak.
Sizes Range From:
50ft–150ft (15m-45m)
Sizes Range From:
60ft-113ft (18m-34m)
Sizes Range From:
50ft-220ft (15m–67m)
Sizes Range From:
65ft–300ft (20m-91m)
Sizes Range From:
75ft–180ft (22m-75m)

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