Power Catamarans Crewed Charters

Whether you are traveling with your family, a few good friends or a larger group, power catamarans are a good choice for your yacht charter. Power catamaran crewed charters are growing in popularity in the yacht chartering industry.

power catamarans crewed charters
Power Catamaran FRENCH WEST

These vessels are viewed as an alternative to regular motorboats for several reasons.

  • They offer generous space for socializing and added privacy thanks to their two-hull design.
  • They are stable vessels that provide supreme comfort when underway.
  • They are loaded with amenities and water toys.
  • Many have flybridges for added space and fantastic views
  • Operating costs for fuel are lower.
  • Like a traditional sailing catamaran, the shallow draft of a power catamaran allows the boat to get into areas that motor yachts cannot reach such as quiet, shallow anchorages.

Sunreef, Robertson, Lagoon, and Caine’s Leopards and Horizon Yachts are leading crewed charter power catamaran builders. High-quality standards are the hallmarks of all of these yacht manufacturers.

Locations | Power Catamarans Crewed Charters

The Virgin Islands

The British and US Virgin Islands are the most popular yacht charter destinations for crewed power catamaran charters. During the winter months, power catamarans from the Mediterranean and Bahamas re-position to the Virgin Islands for the winter season.

The Virgin Islands is ideal for power catamarans with shorter cruises between the islands, access to the beaches, and shorter length than a 100ft motor yacht.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are a very popular destination and power catamarans are a fantastic way to island hop. During the summer months, the Bahamas is home to La Manguita, SEA GLASS, and OHANA, all Horizon power catamarans with two or more crew members on board.

Rates in the Bahamas are plus expenses (30%) plus the 4% Bahamas tax plus 10% VAT. Similarly, in the Mediterranean, the costs are the charter fee plus 30% APA plus the applicable VAT.

Cormorant II
Cormorant II
9 Cabins Year/Rebuilt: 2022 Refit:
Built: 2022
$152,450 - $205,808 /wk 148.00 Ft Cat
5 Cabins Year/Rebuilt: 2005 Refit:
Built: 2005
115,000 - 125,000 /wk 115.00 Ft Power
8 Cabins Year/Rebuilt: 2011 Refit:
Built: 2011
$93,140 /wk 113.00 Ft Power
6 Cabins Year/Rebuilt: 2013 Refit:
Built: 2013
€119,000 /wk 111.00 Ft Cat
Gulet Gardelin
Gulet Gardelin
6 Cabins Year/Rebuilt: 1999 Refit:
Built: 1999
€17,500 - €16,500 /wk 91.00 Ft Sail
4 Cabins Year/Rebuilt: 2005 Refit:
Built: 2005
$36,000 /wk 80.00 Ft Power

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