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Experience Ultimate Freedom: Catamaran Sailing Vacation

Longing to unplug and get away from it all? If you’re like most people these...

Longing to unplug and get away from it all? If you’re like most people these days, you are already thinking about where and when you can travel. But what about distancing yourself and your family from the crowds? The best way to continue social distancing while traveling is by a trip designed just for you. One excellent way to get away is on a private luxury catamaran sailing vacation.

Who Should Take a Catamaran Sailing Vacation?

While couples, friends, or families would enjoy a sailing catamaran, these boats are ideal for first-time sailors and families. The benefits of space, privacy, luxury, and comfort make this vessel an excellent choice.

Catamaran Sailing Vacation aboard AETHER
Catamaran Sailing Vacation aboard AETHER

What are the Benefits of a Catamaran?

The catamaran’s multi-hull provides more stability than a traditional mono-hull sailboat. The heeling, as well as the wave-induced motion, is much less noticeable aboard a catamaran. A catamaran can have sailed or it can be motor-driven only. In addition, motor catamarans are referred to as power catamarans, and sailing catamarans as catamarans.

Besides having excellent stability, newer catamarans have to fly bridges with 360-degree views. Many also have covered cockpit areas with outdoor dining space. Some catamarans, like the Leopard 5800, have a forward cockpit and a trampoline area. The trampoline allows water to quickly pass through it, letting the catamaran’s bow rise safely. You can walk on the trampoline, relax, and enjoy the passing scenery.

Catamaran Sailing Vacation aboard AMURA's trampoline
AMURA’s trampoline

In addition to space and comfort, catamarans have a shallow draft. The draft refers to the depth of the lowest part of a boat. The shallow draft allows the boat to navigate shallow waters without worrying about hitting rocks or running aground. So you can get closer to shore and enjoy a peaceful, calm anchorage.

Who are the Top Catamaran Builders?

The best cruising catamarans are safe and easy to handle. A few of the most popular brands are:

  • Leopard. Leopard catamarans are family-friendly yachts. They are spacious, well-built, safe, and offer smooth sailing. Examples of Leopard cats are SOMETHING WONDERFUL, THE ANNEX, SEA ESTA, and DOLPHIN DAZE.
  • Lagoon. Lagoon catamarans are well-designed with high-quality construction. Their layouts provide a great deal of space and comfort. Some examples of Lagoon cats are TELSTAR, AMBER ROSE, BABAC, and LA GATTA.
  • Fountaine Pajot. Fountaine Pajot catamarans provide an unforgettable cruise. This company makes a range of sailing catamarans that offer living space and superb levels of comfort. Examples of Fountaine Pajot cats are NAMASTE, SERENISSIMA, AETHER, ALOIA 80, and PERPETUAL BLUE.
  • Nautitech. Nautitech offers outstanding performance. These luxury catamarans have open living spaces that combine the salon and cockpit into one large living area. Sailing ability and comfort make this a good choice for groups of friends as well as families. Examples of Nautitech cats are ILLUSION, FREEDOM, MARIEL, and ODYSSEY.
  • Sunreef. Sunreef catamarans have big interiors, luxurious cabins, and open living areas. Examples of Sunreef cats are ENDLESS HORIZON, IPHARRA, BUNDALONG, SEACLUSION, and ORION.

Where Can I Go on a Catamaran?

Private, crewed catamaran charters are not only popular in the Bahamas or in the Caribbean. They are also in Greece, Croatia, and other areas in the Mediterranean. Allow the professionals at CKIM Group to help you plan your Catamaran Sailing Vacation.

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