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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have about chartering a yacht.

What is a private yacht charter?

A private yacht charter is like combining the best features of a cruise ship and a luxury resort. Travel to a different,  destination each day with a high degree of pampering and personal attention. Say goodbye to crowds, waiting in lines, and fixed itineraries. Your private yacht has a dedicated crew, a variety of amenities, water toys for you to enjoy at will, and a tender to take you ashore whenever you please.

How do I get started?

There are a few necessary parameters to consider. For example, what type of boat, your destination, the time of year and who will go with you. The questions below can help guide your thought process, and your CKIM yacht charter broker will assist in asking the right questions and providing the expertise to design the perfect experience for you.

Can I afford a Yachting Vacation?

Yes, you can. Prices for private yacht chartering vary remarkably based on factors such as the type of charter-yacht, the size of the charter-yacht, number of guests, and the location of the yacht charter destination. The rates may also differ from the low-season and high peak seasons.

What type of boats are available for a yacht charter?

The types of yachts available for charter are:

  • Motor Yachts
  • Power Catamarans
  • Sailing Catamarans
  • Sailboats (mono-hulls)
  • Motor-sailors (Gulets which are popular in Croatia, Greece, and Turkey)

Are there high and low seasons for yacht chartering?

Yes, there are, depending on the time of the year and the yacht charter destination.

Mediterranean seasons are:
  •     High Season:    June – August and special events
  •     Low Season:    April – May, and September – October
Caribbean seasons for most motor yachts with the plus- expenses rates:
  • High Season: Christmas and New Year’s Holiday period and some holidays.
  • Low Season: All other months.
Caribbean seasons for inclusive charters:
  • High Season: Christmas and New Year’s holiday period. There is the minimum charter period required and a holiday surcharge.
  • Low Season: All other times of the year, when the standard rate is charged based on the number of guests for the charter.
Bahamas seasons:
  • High Season:    Christmas and New Year’s holiday period and some holidays.
  • Low Season:    All other months
North American Seasons:
  • High-Season for Florida:    Christmas and New Year’s holiday period and some holidays.
  • Low-Season:    All other months.

What are some yacht charter destinations I can choose to charter?

Would you like to experience the Bahamas or the Caribbean with sunny beaches and crystal-clear waters? Or, perhaps you would like to visit the Eastern or Western Mediterranean steeped in history and culture. However, you may instead want to see the Pacific Northwest or New England with its scenery and culture. Or an exotic destination in the Pacific or the Indian Ocean–the world is your playground when it comes to yacht chartering. Where you cruise will depend on when you charter, the experience you wish to have, the type of boat and its availability.

The Bahamas – A destination for the group seeking quieter anchorages, water sports, fishing, beautiful warm water away from the crowds.

The Caribbean – Year-round good weather with three popular yacht charter destinations:

The Virgin Islands (British and US Virgins) – Excellent option for the non-sailor and those new to yachting. Shorter sailing distances, beautiful beaches, marinas, restaurants and some shopping.

St. Martin – Enjoy the blend of international cuisines ashore in St. Martin, St. Barths and Anguilla. There are more excellent dining restaurants on these three islands than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Combined with beautiful white sand beaches, water sports, and shopping.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines – Longer sails for the sailing yachts, constant winds for the kiters during the winter, colorful locally made boats, beautiful beaches, the Tobago Cays and the vibrant Caribbean culture.

North America

Florida – Year-round yacht charter destination in South Florida and the Florida Keys. Fishing, water sports, the dining experience ashore and shopping.

New England – From May until September the yacht charter season hums. July – September is the busy period and the warmest weather.

Alaska and The Pacific Northwest Summertime is the season here. Fishing, shore excursions, hiking, glaciers are a few of the highlights in this area. Desolation Sound is a natural wonder to behold.

Mediterranean – Choices and more choices. Summer is the season from April until October.
Croatia: The hottest spot for yacht chartering in the Mediterranean. Many islands, beautiful scenery, local wines and historical sites like Dubrovnik and its walled old town.

Greece History, beautiful scenery, Santorini, Mykonos the party island, Rhodes and so many other unique isles, historical sites, cuisine, and people.

French Riviera – To see and be seen. The vibe here is unbelievable. Restaurants, beaches, shopping, marinas, nightclubs, and live music on the beach. Cannes, Monaco, St. Tropez and the islands.

Italian Riviera  – From May to October, it is from San Remo along the coast with Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Cinque Terre and more. Cruise an outstanding area with colorful Italian scenery. Villages on the hillside are out of a storybook.

Southern Italy and Sicily – The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Naples and the islands. You can spend more than 14 nights cruising this area.

Turkey The Turkish Riviera of Marmaris, Bodrum and the coast. The Turkish cuisine is outstanding along with the hospitality of the people.

Are meals and drinks included in the yacht charter fee?

The following are charter rate options for your charter vacation depending on the yacht and sailing region:

Inclusive charter rate:

An Inclusive charter includes daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as the ship’s bar. Not included are vintage wines, champagne, dockage, and communication. Water toys and all on-board amenities are in the charter fee. The British Virgin Islands cruising taxes and fees are in the inclusive charter rate, sometimes.

Caribbean Terms:

The “Inclusive rate” except the ship’s bar and beverages. Government Taxes and fees may be an extra charge in both cases.

Plus all expenses (APA – Advance Provisioning Allowance):

The expenses incurred for providing for the guests’ charter. An APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) of between 20 – 35% depending on the yacht is collected to cover the costs of fuel for the main engines, generators, food, drinks, communications, dockage, harbor fees, and government fees.

Government Taxes:

There may be Value Added Tax (VAT) in addition to the charter fee and APA, depending on the location of the charter. The percentage varies by country. We, your charter broker will advise you of the current rate. The rate can change without notice.

What is the Booking Process or how do I book my yacht charter?

After discussing your vacation plans with us, we will present you with the boat options based on your dates, yacht charter destination,  type of boat and size for your group. We will answer your questions. After you have selected your boat,  the next steps are:

Complete the paperwork we will send you consisting of the following:
  1.     Charter summary
  2.     Your yacht charter agreement
  3.     Travel insurance quote – we will need everyone’s date of birth and the different households.

Depending on when your charter is scheduled, you would need to wire or send CKIM Group Inc.,  either the required deposit or full payment stated in the charter-agreement. Charters are not confirmed until payments are received. The bank details are in the charter-summary and contract.

We will email you the Preference Forms (DossKit) link for your careful completion. This form will have your food, drink, activity, passport information, shoe size, food intolerances, and allergy information. It is essential for your crew to know what is important to you and as much information as possible to begin planning your menu and itinerary.

Before your arrival at your yacht, the crew will contact you to discuss your vacation plans and the preferences detailed on the Preference Form.

Once onboard your yacht, the captain will conduct an orientation and safety briefing before departing on your vacation. During the cruise, it is critical to communicate with the captain and crew with any questions and or requests. They are available and will assist you with arrangements. Your captain’s primary role is the safety of guests, crew and the yacht and he will be considering this at all times.

How will I communicate my needs to the crew?

The chefs and crews on board your luxury yacht charter want nothing more than for your dream vacation to become a reality. They will work very hard to make sure all of your needs satisfied, and your expectations surpassed.

The captain and chef use the Dosskit (Preference Form) as the vital tool to plan and prepare for your vacation. It’s a great idea to sit down with your guests to review any dietary restrictions or favorites they may have.  You will also have the opportunity to indicate what type of activities you wish to enjoy. Don’t be shy–the more detail and information you include the better.

It is immensely helpful for the crew to understand what you would like to gain from your experience onboard.

  • Are you hoping to rest and rejuvenate?
  • Try a new water sport?
  • Explore a new area?
  • How long would you like to charter?

The Dosskit (Preference Form) is your opportunity to let the crew know.

One of the many benefits of a luxury yacht charter is having a chef.  Based on your dietary needs, be it gluten-free, plant-based, low carb, or anything, the chef will plan meals to your liking based on your requests. If there is a particular brand or label of the food, wine, or liquor you like while on your charter, the Preference Form is your chance to specify those wishes.

If, after completing your preference sheet, you decide there is something more the crew might need to know (special occasions, changes in activities), just contact us and we will be happy to communicate your needs to the yacht-crew.

Your captain and or chef will contact you before your arrival to discuss your preferences and vacation plans.

What activities would be available on my Yacht Charter?

Based on your yacht and destination, there is a myriad of activities and water sports are available to do, such as:

  • Scuba diving
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Water-skiing
  • Fishing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Jet-skiing
  • Stand-up paddleboarding

You will have many opportunities to visit ashore and take part in the on-shore side activities as well.

What level of service can I expect?

Your professional crew is proactive and will take care of all the details of your luxury yacht charter. You can relax and unwind. The chef will plan each meal based on your specific preferences. Your captain will guide you to your preferred destination- the quietest beaches, the secluded anchorages or the liveliest entertainment spots.

What type of clothing should I pack?

Your cruising area will largely determine what type of clothing you may want to bring due to the various climates. For instance, cruising through New England, you may need a sweater or windbreaker as the evening can be crisp. If you’re traveling through the Caribbean, the temperature can be warm year-round, but ladies might especially appreciate a wrap or shawl as the evening breeze can be cool.
Regardless of your specific cruising area, however, resort casual is usually the comfortable level of attire, unless you have planned a formal evening with the crew or on-shore dining.
Bathing suits, shorts, and casual beach attire are undoubtedly the order of the day on deck.  Wear aquatic shoes for beach combing. Finally, guarding against the sun is vital. So, pack caps or wide-brimmed hats, and loose-fitting cotton cover-ups.

What is the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance)?

An Advance Provisioning Allowance is pre-paid expenses for the operating cost of the yacht while on your charter.  It is usually between 20 – 35% of the weekly charter rate depending on the type of boat. It is pre-paid in addition to the weekly charter rate and VAT to cover the cost of the following:

  • Fuel for the main engines, generators, tenders, motorized water toys, b. For food and drinks for your charter,
  • Port fees, harbor fees, marina dues,
  • Customs clearance,
  • Personal laundry,
  • Communications.
  • Consumables for the charter party.
  • Any shore excursions, transfers arranged by the yacht for the guests.

During your charter, you’re welcome to view the APA expenses with the captain.  When your cruise comes to an end, the captain will work out if you owe monies, or if you are due a refund. Some APA statements are more detailed than others. It is essential to review the details and request receipts if there are questions.

Do I need Travel Protection?

We recommend that you protect your vacation investment against a variety of possible losses over which you have no control by purchasing travel protection. We will provide travel protection quotes based on the households on the charter and each person’s date of birth. It is necessary to send us this information.

Please Note: To be eligible for the waiver of pre-existing medical condition exclusion, the protection plan must be purchased within15 days (Travel Basic) or 21 days (Travel Select) from the time you make your initial trip deposit. However, the plan can be purchased anytime before departure.

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries and may be changed without notice. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy.

Why should I consider Charterer’s Liability Insurance?

When chartering a yacht, it is essential to know that boats do not (usually) cover the liability of a charterer or his/her guests. The yacht’s insurance covers the liability of the owner and crew. In the event, a charterer causes damage to the boat or a third party, the vessel’s policy does not protect the charterer’s assets, and damages for which the charterer is responsible are not limited. In spite of what the charter contract says, a charter’s financial responsibility is NOT limited by the terms of the agreement.

A charter contract does NOT prevent insurance companies or third parties from exercising their rights against the charterer. The charterer can either answer the suits personally or purchase a Charterers Liability policy.

Can I be added to the vessel’s insurance as an additional insured?

The answer is, more than likely, no. There could be a cost to add you to the yacht’s policy. AND you the charterer would “share” the liability limit with the vessel’s owner.

How can I protect yourself while on charter?

You may purchase Charterer’s Liability insurance which covers the legal liability of charterers and guests during the charter. We recommend you consult with a marine insurance specialist of your choice for this specialized form of insurance.

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