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The Croatian National Tourist Board slogan, “The Mediterranean As It Once Was,” explains why Croatia yacht charters are very popular. This unique destination impresses with its scenery, history, culture, and welcoming atmosphere.

Croatia yacht charters
Central Dalmatia

The five regions offer plenty of activities. Island hop, explore historic sites and beautiful beaches, and dance the night away in modern clubs. Dining is also an experience. You’ll find both local and international cuisine.

Croatia Yacht Charters | Coastal Regions 

The coast of Croatia consists of five regions: 

These are all beautiful sailing areas for your Croatia yacht charter vacation with Luxury Yacht Charters. Below, we look more closely at the central sailing regions.

Central Dalmatia | Pretty Islands and Quiet Ports

Central Dalmatia | Pretty Islands and Quiet Ports
A trip to Central Dalmatia will take you to many unique places. See historic port towns, pine-tree-covered islands, and lovely pebble beaches. In the region's central city, Split, see Diocletian's Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nearby, check out the tiny medieval-walled town of Trogir, also UNESCO-listed. Split, Croatia Central Dalmatia | Places to See A Central Dalmatia Yacht Charter is the perfect way to experience the stunning beauty of Croatia. Plenty of must-see spots exist, from ancient cities to charming seaside villages. Split With its small-town atmosphere, noisy streets, and easy-going residents, Split embodies the essence of the Mediterranean. Split is also the main departure port for yacht charters to the islands of Central Dalmatia. Korcula Greeks first inhabited Korcula in the 4th century BC and later by the Romans. Today, Korčula is home to many historic sites and charming coastal towns. Enjoy its unspoiled beaches, crystal-clear waters, and...


Croatia’s National Parks | Must-See Places

Croatia’s National Parks | Must-See Places
Croatia has eight national parks – Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Brijuni, Paklenica, North Velebit, Risnjak, and Plitvice. Of these, all but Plitvice lie on the coast, so you can visit them as part of your Croatia sailing holiday. Here we take a closer look at each of these parks. North Dalmatia Kornati National Park Kornati National Park is visited mainly by sailing crews. Some people plan their entire itinerary around it. You might sail here from Zadar, Sibenik, or Split. An archipelago of 89 uninhabited arid rocky islets and reefs offers a true back-to-nature escape. While exploring these lovely islets, look for wildlife such as peregrine falcons, eagle owls, and migrating cranes and herons. These turquoise waters are protected, but sailing boats can overnight in 20 designated bays and coves. Krka National Park If you're sailing to the Kornati from Sibenik or Split, you should undoubtedly make a detour to Krka...


Istria | Luxurious Coastal Yacht Escape

Istria | Luxurious Coastal Yacht Escape
Istria is a large green peninsula located at the head of the Adriatic. It is between the Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf. The ancient port of Pula sits on the peninsula's tip. You can sail up the sunny west coast to the popular seaside destinations Rovinj and Porec. Aerial view of Old town Rovinj at sunset, Istra region, Croatia. During your trip, explore Inland Istria, a rural region of medieval-walled hilltowns, fertile vineyards, and olive groves. In addition, be sure to sample gourmet specialty, truffles. Why Istria for Your Yacht Charter? Are you dreaming of a luxurious getaway this summer? Look no further than an Istria yacht charter! Located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, this is an ideal destination for a summer escape. From its crystal-clear waters to its beautiful coastline, there are many reasons why an Istria yacht charter should be your next summer...



Centering on the deep Kvarner Gulf, the Kvarner region has a balmy Mediterranean climate and pristine sea. As a result, in the 19th century, Central European aristocrats and artists began vacationing here, and Croatian tourism began here. That being said, it has evolved into an excellent yacht charter destination in the Mediterranean. The biggest city is the mainland port of Rijeka, and the most popular destination is Opatija. From here, you can sail around Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab islands. Expect turquoise waters, fragrant pine forests, and elegant Art Nouveau architecture. This area is just east of the Istrian Peninsula, where you can visit world-class vineyards and taste unique wines and olive oil. ACI Marina Opatija Kvarner | Things to see The Adriatic Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, and there are plenty of hidden coves to explore and many islands to visit. You can combine...


North Dalmatia

North Dalmatia
North Dalmatia in Croatia centers on the ancient port city of Zadar, with its Roman monuments and contemporary art galleries. From here, you can take a yacht charter down a beautiful stretch of the Adriatic coast and out to the surrounding islands. North Dalmatia is home to several National Parks. For sailing, the leading destination is Kornati National Park, with its countless rocky islets and pristine sea. You can also sail up to Skradin to explore Krka National Park, with its dramatic waterfalls. On the other hand, if you like hiking and climbing, you should head for the canyons of Paklenica National Park. North Dalmatia | Climate Northern Dalmatia has some of the most pleasant days during May, September, and October. At this time, the average temperatures are between 68°F and 77°F. July and August are the warmest, while January is the coldest, with an average high temperature of 50°F....


South Dalmatia

South Dalmatia
South Dalmatia is the southernmost region in Croatia. It is best known for its magnificent port city, Dubrovnik. Protected by impressive fortifications, Dubrovnik was once a wealthy independent republic. Nowadays, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also starred as the film set for Game of Thrones. Southern Dalmatia includes Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Mljet, and Lastovo, as well as all of the landmass south of Makarska. Dubrovnik is the ideal starting point for a luxury yacht charter. From here, you can sail around the islands of South Dalmatia. Firstly, you might visit Mljet, home to the salt-water lakes and pine forests of Mljet National Park. Secondly, head for Korcula, known as the birthplace of Marco Polo and the producer of some of Dalmatia's best white wines. In contrast, opposite Korcula, the Peljesac peninsula produces Croatia's best red wines. South Dalmatia | Climate Southern Dalmatia gets about 250 sunny...


Yacht Charter Croatia | Overview

Sailing yacht charters in Croatia are unique. This stunning destination offers many opportunities to explore its rich coastal heritage and pristine waters. A sailing yacht is one of Croatia's most popular choices for a yacht charter.

Experience the magic of wind-powered travel while navigating the deep blue Adriatic Sea. Chartering a private yacht in Croatia allows you to set sail and explore these enchanting islands at your own pace. Here, you can check out the best things to do in Croatia.

Wine and Olive Oils

As you sail Croatia, you can anchor near olive groves that line the shores. These olive trees produce some of the world's finest olive oils. Sampling local cuisine and wines in charming coastal towns is a delightful way to immerse yourself in Croatian culture.

National Parks

For those seeking a break from the sea, visiting Krka National Park is a must. This park is near the coast and has magnificent waterfalls and lush landscapes. It is an ideal day trip during your charter in Croatia.

Private Yacht Paradise

You can opt for bareboat charters. However, exploring Croatia from a crewed sailing yacht's deck is a unique experience. Croatia is an awesome spot for sailing and uncovering the Adriatic's hidden treasures.

Croatia Yacht Charters | Climate and Weather

The climate and weather for a yacht charter in Croatia are favorable. It is an excellent destination for exploring its picturesque coastline. Croatia experiences a climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters, with some regional variations.

Summer and Spring are good times to visit Croatia.

Summer (June to August): Croatia enjoys warm and sunny weather during the summer months. It is also the peak of the yacht charter season. Daytime temperatures typically range from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F). It is generally ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and outdoor activities.

The sea temperature is pleasant, often around 22°C to 26°C (72°F to 79°F). These are basically perfect for swimming and water sports.

The Adriatic Sea tends to be calm during the summer, providing excellent sailing conditions. However, there can be occasional afternoon breezes, known as the "Maestral,"

Spring (April to May) and Autumn (September to October). Spring and autumn are also great times for a yacht charter in Croatia. The temperatures are milder, and there are fewer crowds.

Daytime temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). These degrees are perfect for exploring coastal towns and the outdoors.

North Dalmatia | Zadar

The ancient city of Zadar, founded by the Romans, is the chief mainland port of North Dalmatia. This region has soaring limestone mountains, thundering waterfalls, an azure sea, and numerous islands. Here, you can enjoy sailing around the rocky, remote islets of Kornati National Park - a total escape from civilization. After that, visit North Dalmatia's second city, Sibenik, a treasure trove of old stone churches and fortresses.

Central Dalmatia | Split

Split is the true heart of Dalmatia. Founded by Roman Emperor Diocletian, this is the perfect starting point for sailing the magnificent islands of Central Dalmatia.

Yacht charters in Croatia typically start in the cities of Split and Dubrovnik. Split boasts the impressive Diocletian's Palace. The "Pearl of the Adriatic," Dubrovnik is famous for its well-preserved medieval walls and stunning architecture. These cities are your starting point for an epic sailing adventure along the beautiful Croatian coastline.

Firstly, begin with Brac, then proceed to Hvar and Vis.


Brac is the largest island in the central Dalmatian group of islands. It has diverse landscapes and equally beautiful beaches. The island's most famous beach is Zlatni Rat, often called the "Golden Horn".

This iconic beach, located near the town of Bol, is a popular spot for sunbathing and water sports. Brac also has crystal clear waters, making it an excellent destination for snorkeling and diving.

Apart from its beaches, Brac boasts a rich history and charming towns like Supetar and Postira. Supetar, the largest town on the island, also offers a blend of traditional Croatian architecture, modern amenities, and a lively atmosphere. The island is also famous for its stone quarries. These produce building stones for landmarks like the White House in Washington, D.C.

In addition, Brac's rugged interior is a playground for hikers and nature lovers. The island's olive groves, vineyards, and quaint villages nestled in the hills also provide a glimpse into traditional Dalmatian life.

For a taste of local cuisine, don't miss trying "vitalac." It is a traditional lamb dish. Also, sample the island's excellent olive oil and wines.


The islands of Hvar are the Adriatic Sea's most popular and glamorous islands. Hvar is also the crown jewel of the Dalmatian islands. Known for its vibrant nightlife, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Hvar also attracts travelers worldwide.

The town of Hvar, with its elegant Venetian architecture, bustling harbor, and lively promenade, is the island's main hub. Explore the charming streets, visit the Hvar Fortress, and enjoy the town's many restaurants and cafes. Hvar Town is also particularly famous for its vibrant nightlife, making it a hotspot for partygoers during the summer months.

Beyond the town, Hvar offers a diverse range of experiences. The island has equally picturesque vineyards, producing some of Croatia's finest wines, particularly the indigenous Plavac Mali grape. Moreover, wine enthusiasts can take tours of the local wineries. They can taste wines while enjoying stunning views of the vine-covered hills.

Hvar's natural beauty is equally captivating, with numerous pristine beaches and hidden coves along its coastline. One of the most famous is the Pakleni Islands. This island group off Hvar Town's coast is perfect for sailing, swimming, and snorkeling. The azure waters and lush pine forests create a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hvar is a tourist destination and a popular spot for yachts and private charters. The island's strategic location in the Adriatic makes it an ideal starting point for sailing adventures along the Croatian coast. Lastly, it includes visits to neighboring islands such as Brac, Vis, and Korcula.

With its history, culture, natural beauty, and vibrant nightlife, Hvar offers a well-rounded experience for travelers on Croatia yacht charters.


Vis is a serene and secluded island located farther from the Dalmatian coast, offering a more tranquil and unspoiled escape. As a military base for much of the 20th century, the island was not open to tourists until the 1980s. This isolation helps preserve its natural beauty and a generally authentic charm.

Vis has a rugged coastline, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters. It is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Stiniva Cove, with its dramatic cliffs and pebble beach, is also a highlight. Visitors can explore the island's secluded beaches by renting a scooter or taking a boat trip.

The towns of Vis and Komiza, with their charming architecture and welcoming locals, certainly offer a glimpse into traditional Dalmatian life. Fresh seafood is also a culinary specialty on the island. You can savor it in local restaurants along with excellent local wines.

Croatia yacht charters in Vis are ideal for exploring nearby islets. One is Bisevo, also known for the mesmerizing Blue Cave, and the other is Budikovac, with its turquoise lagoon. Vis even offers a calm and beautiful escape from busy tourist spots in Croatia, giving travelers a tranquil and genuine experience.

South Dalmatia | City of Dubrovnik

Croatia's most glamorous destination, Dubrovnik, sits within sturdy medieval forts and is the chief port of South Dalmatia. From here, you might sail to Mljet and continue your voyage to Korcula and as well as Lastovo. Each island offers something unique. Expect a balmy climate, palm trees, stone palaces, Renaissance gardens, lush vineyards, restaurants, and fine dining.

Croatia Yacht Charters | Yacht Types

Croatia Yacht Charters | Sample Itineraries

Overall, Croatia yacht charters are your best option for an enjoyable trip. Our experts at CKIM Group will work with you to create a trip guide. Here are a few samples:

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