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The Yachter’s Croatia Travel Guide

Are you planning a yachting trip to Croatia? Look no further than this Croatia travel guide! Before embarking on your journey, you’ll find everything you need: the best time to visit, how to get to Croatia, the best places to explore, and what to pack.

croatia travel guide

From bustling cities to serene island escapes, Croatia offers a variety of exciting sights and activities for yachters. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventurous excursion, this yachter guide to Croatia is your go-to resource.

Why Visit Croatia?

Croatia is a gorgeous destination for yachting. It is a boating paradise with 3000 miles of breathtaking coastline and over 1200 islands. Even if you have been to Croatia and the Croatian islands before, each new visit is a unique experience. Discover new places, have new adventures, and make new memories.

On your private yacht charter, you will discover the beauty of the Adriatic: amazingly clear water, secluded beaches, coves, colorful sunsets that melt into the sea, and brilliant stars lighting the night sky.

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The Best Time to Visit Croatia

If you’re looking for the best time to take a yachting vacation in the Croatian Islands, plan to travel in spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October). This is when the weather is ideal for sailing and exploring, with temperatures ranging between 60-75°F (16-24°C). You’ll also find fewer crowds during this time, making it the ideal time for an unforgettable sailing adventure.

In addition to ideal weather conditions, spring, and fall are the best times of year to experience Croatia’s diverse culture and breathtaking beauty. The countryside is lush and green during these months, with blooming wildflowers, crystal-clear water, and spectacular sunsets. The Adriatic coast is particularly stunning during these months.

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Avoid traveling to Croatia between June and August to avoid the hottest and busiest times of the year. This is the peak season for tourists, meaning that prices will be higher and popular attractions will be crowded.

Traveling to Croatia

If you’re planning a yachting trip in Croatia, the best way to get there is by air. Croatia has several international airports, the most popular being Franjo Tuđman Airport (Zagreb Airport), Split Airport, and Dubrovnik Airport.
When planning your trip, consider which airport you’ll fly into.

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and the largest airport, so many travelers fly into this hub for easy access to other parts of the country. If you want to explore the Dalmatian Coast, flying into Split or Dubrovnik may be a better option. Both airports offer direct flights from cities across Europe and some international destinations.

Once you’ve arrived in Croatia, travel is relatively easy. There are many public transportation options to get you to your final destination, such as buses, trains, and ferries. Car rental services are also available to explore more of the country.

The Best Places to See in Croatia | Croatia Travel Guide

When visiting Croatia, there are several main places to visit:

  • Istria. Istria is a lovely, heart-shaped peninsula. The coast is a popular summer destination for European tourists, and with good reason. The beaches, historical sites, and food are just a few things that draw visitors.
  • Kvarner. The Kvarner Gulf islands of Cres, Losinj, Krk, and Rab are home to stunning beaches, museums, churches, historical sites, and castles.
  • North Dalmatia. North Dalmatian Islands are a must-see. The Elafiti Islands, Kolocep Island, Lopud Island, and Mljet Island are all popular destinations here.
  • Central Dalmatia. The Central Dalmatian Islands boast some of the most beautiful scenery in Croatia. This region is perfect for yachting and sailing with its blue waters and dramatic mountains. The most popular islands include Hvar, Brac, Vis, and Solta.
  • South Dalmatia. The South Dalmation Islands combine ancient history, pristine beaches, and lush vegetation. The most popular places to visit are Korcula Island, Lastovo Island, and Sipan Island. These islands offer a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for water sports.

Croatia is also home to stunning national parks.

  • Krka National Park. Family-friendly activities at Krka National Park include hiking trails, boat tours, biking paths, and educational workshops. It’s a great place to relax away from crowds and take sweeping views of waterfalls, rivers, and gorges.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park. Plitvice Lakes National Park is on the UNESCO World Heritage list thanks to its gorgeous lakes, caves, and waterfalls.
  • Mljet National Park. Mljet Island is also a National Park just 14.5 nautical miles from Dubrovnik.
  • Brijuni National Park. The park is brimming with wildlife, history, and beauty.
croatia travel guide
Krka Falls

No matter where you decide to go in Croatia, you will surely be amazed by its natural beauty and captivating culture. Everyone in your group will find something to see and do, from the vibrant city of Dubrovnik to the secluded South Dalmatian Islands.

Sample Itineraries

If you’re looking to explore the spectacular coastal scenery of Croatia and its many islands, here are a few suggested itineraries that will make the most of your time:

A Week in the Adriatic

This 7-day itinerary is perfect for those looking to discover some of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia.

  • Begin in Split, exploring Diocletian’s Palace and the many museums and galleries in the city.
  • From there, go to the stunning island of Hvar, where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding in crystal-clear waters.
  • Continue to Korcula, with its quaint medieval Old Town and panoramic sea views.
  • Then, head to the tranquil Mljet National Park for hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking.
  • Finally, end your journey in Dubrovnik and enjoy wandering through the cobblestone streets and exploring the ancient city walls.

An Island Hopping Adventure

For an unforgettable experience, set sail from Dubrovnik and explore the many islands in the area.

  • Start with a visit to Kolocep for a few days of beachside relaxation and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and sunbathing.
  • Then, head to Lopud for an adventure through its idyllic nature trails, quaint villages, and secluded coves.
  • Next, explore the sights and sounds of Mljet, with its stunning lakes, forests, and breathtaking cliffs.
  • Finally, end your journey in Sipan and admire its remarkable Venetian fortresses, charming fishing villages, and romantic beaches.

A Cruise Along the Dalmatian Coast

This 8-day itinerary takes you from Zadar to Dubrovnik along the stunning Dalmatian Coast.

  • Start your journey with a day of sightseeing in Zadar and take in its incredible Roman and Venetian monuments.
  • Next, set sail for Trogir, with its narrow winding streets, Renaissance architecture, and lively harbor.
  • From there, cruise to Vis Island and spend a few days soaking up its beautiful sandy beaches, ancient ruins, and historic churches.
  • Continue to Split, with its bustling marketplaces and grand historical monuments.
  • End your journey in Dubrovnik and explore its world-renowned old town.
  • While cruising the Croatian Adriatic Coast, you can also enjoy some scuba diving with sunken ships. Check out our Croatia Scuba Diving Insights.

What to Pack | Croatia Travel Guide

Pack smart and travel light. Consider the size of the yacht you will be on. Smaller catamarans do not have as much storage space as superyachts, so plan accordingly.

Also, think about the time of year you are visiting. Temperatures can get very hot in summer, so pack swimsuits, lightweight tops, and shorts for the yacht and beaches. Women should pack a skirt or dress that can double as a cover-up. Sturdy shoes are essential for hiking and visiting archaeological sites, while water shoes protect your feet on pebbly beaches.

A day bag or small backpack will be handy when venturing ashore for shopping or exploring.

Your Croatia Travel Guide is just one source of information for your yacht charter. Please also see our section about Croatia Yacht Charters.

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