Elafiti Islands

The green, rocky, car-free Elafiti Islands in South Dalmatia include a dozen islets, of which three are inhabited: Šipan, Lopud, and Koločep. You can explore the Elafiti Islands on your Croatia Yacht Charter or on a day trip from Dubrovnik. However, if you’d like more time to relax and explore, visit the islands one at a time.

elafiti islands
Elafiti Islands


The weather in the Elaphiti Islands is very similar to Dubrovnik’s weather. Spring and autumns are mild while summers are hot. Temperatures are much lower in winter, early spring, and late autumn (November to March).

Things to See and Do | Elafiti Islands

  • Drop anchor in Sunj Bay on Lopud’s east coast, home to one of the only sandy beaches in Croatia.
  • Swim and snorkel – the tranquil turquoise waters around the Elafiti are perfect for viewing the underwater world.
  • Hike from Gornje Celo to Donje Celo on Kolocep, passing through lush Mediterranean vegetation and noting several centuries-old chapels along the way.
  • Visit the Art Pavilion, hosting temporary contemporary art installations, on Lopud.
  • On Lopud, visit the Franciscan Monastery. The monastery and the cloister were built in 1483. In 1516 and 1592, an additional wall and tower were added.
  • Dine on authentic Dalmatian cuisine at Konoba Kod Marka in Sipanksa Luka on Sipan. Feast on delicious fresh fish as well as the house specialty, octopus fritters.
  • See the Stijepovic Skocibuha castle and tower in Šipan.
  • Also in Šipan, spend some time in the water. There are numerous small swimming spots dotted along the coast with pebbly beaches.


The cuisine in the Elaphiti Islands follows the traditions of many towns in Croatia. Dishes are prepared with fresh, local ingredients combined with good olive oil and wine. While on Sipan, try Konoba Tauris. It is a small family-run restaurant that has been serving various Croatian dishes for over 30 years.

Marinas and Anchorages

Sipan’s main port, Sipanska Luka, is a well-protected harbor. The bay of Sunj on Lopud Island also offers protected anchorage.

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