Mljet is an unspoiled green island in South Dalmatia in, Croatia. Mljet National Park makes up approximately one-third of the island. It encompasses two interconnected saltwater lakes immersed in dense woodland. Several small villages on the island, but no significant settlements were ever built.

Tourism is not significantly developed in Mljet – most visitors arrive on day trips from Dubrovnik. This means that the island is wonderfully peaceful after the last tour boat has departed.



Mljet has a Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and rainy but mild winters, with most rainfall in late autumn and early winter.

Places to see

  • Mljet National Park. It would be best to walk or hire bikes to cycle the two saltwater lakes’ perimeter (approximately 8 miles).
  • St. Mary’s Island, in the middle of the Veliko Jezero (Big Lake). It is home to an abandoned Benedictine Monastery from 1198.
  • The town of Saplunara is located on a lovely large bay at the Eastern tip of the Island. The place is well known for its sandy beaches, Velika and Mala Saplunara, and Blaca, surrounded by thick pine woods.

Things to do

  • Try scuba diving – Aquatica, based in Pomena, offers guided dives.
  • Dine on authentic local fare at the lovely waterside Maestral in Okuklje on Mljet’s north coast – there is a jetty out front for sailing guests. Alternatively, eat at Barba Ive in Pomena.
  • Paddle a kayak around Veliko Jezero (Big Lake).
  • Visit the Odysseus Cave. You can swim into the cave through a tunnel in the rocks.


In Mljet, there is a modest dining scene. A visit to Saplunara, on the island’s far eastern tip, is well worth it because it offers unique dining options. In addition to lobster, there’s a variety of meats to choose from, traditionally slow-braised under hot coals.

Marinas and Anchorages

  • Polače Bay. This sheltered bay on the northern coast of Mljet is a safe sanctuary for sailors. A Roman palace once stood here, but it no longer exists.
  • Pomena. This small village and harbor at the island’s west end is a very safe place for anchorage because the tiny island of Pomestak shelters it.

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