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Hvar | Stylish Haven in Central Dalmatia

Hvar, Croatia’s most fashionable island destination, beckons with its charm and allure. Located in Central Dalmatia, Hvar is a favorite among yacht charter guests. You will find Hvar Town or the picturesque Stari Grad are a lovely respite during summer evenings.

Beautiful aqua water with boats with church in background, Hvar, Croatia

Things to See and Do on Hvar

Hvar Town: A Blend of History and Chic Vibes

In Hvar Town, a visit to the main square is a must. Cafes line the square, providing the perfect setting to soak in the atmosphere overlooked by the Renaissance cathedral. Climb to the Venetian-era hilltop fortress for breathtaking views of the fishing harbor. It will be a true highlight of your yacht charter experience.

Wander through the narrow stone alleys, visit the 17th-century Theater above the Arsenal, and discover the Franciscan Monastery. For dining, consider reserving a table in advance.

Visit the Pakleni Islets

Drop anchor off the Pakleni archipelago, west of Hvar Town, for secluded bays, pebble coves, and seasonal eateries. A paradise of 16 uninhabited islets awaits.

See Stari Grad

Explore Tvrdalj, a 15th-century Renaissance summer residence open to the public, showcasing the island’s rich history.

Enjoy Lavender Fields

Hvar lavender is famous for its amazing quality and lovely smell, representing the island’s natural beauty. The purple lavender fields create a breathtaking sight and a pleasant fragrance. When you visit Hvar, you’ll likely come across these beautiful lavender fields. Growing lavender has become a crucial part of the island’s identity, and it’s a popular souvenir.

Scuba Dive

Here are some notable dive sites near Hvar:

  • Green Lagoon (Zelena Laguna). Ideal for beginners, this shallow dive site offers clear waters and an abundance of marine life.
  • Poseidon’s Garden (Vrt Posejdona). This site, named after the Greek god of the sea, is famous for its fascinating topography.
  • Shipwreck Odysseus Cave. The Odysseus Cave is home to the remnants of a sunken ship.
  • Jabuka Pit. Suited for advanced divers, Jabuka Pit is a deep-sea dive site near Hvar. The site’s unique underwater pinnacle attracts pelagic species.

Tase Local Wine

Try these local wines:

  • Prc is a unique white wine. This full-bodied wine has a golden yellow color and an intense taste, making it perfect for pairing with white meat and fish.
  • Bogdanuša is an ancient white wine from the Stari Grad Plain. It’s exclusive to the island of Hvar, known for its dry, green-yellow to golden color.
  • Darnekuša is a lesser-known Dalmatian red grape variety cultivated only on Hvar. Often blended with Plavac Mali, this grape produces a scarce and hard-to-find red wine. T
  • Pošip is a white wine with a fruity taste and aroma, offering an authentic character and a refreshing experience.
  • Plavac Mali is a dark red wine that is well-known in Croatia and exclusively grown in southern regions with abundant heat and sunlight. It’s a cousin of the popular Zinfandel from California, with a strong, rustic taste that pairs perfectly with red meats.


Indulge in traditional Dalmatian seafood at Macondo in Hvar Town. Savor creative Mediterranean cuisine at Toto’s on the Pakleni islets, and relish local specialties at Kod Damira or Jurin Podrum in Stari Grad.


ACI Marina Palmižana. Palmižana Marina, on the Sveti Klement (Pakleni islands), lies just 2.4 nautical miles from Hvar Town. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, laundry, a hair salon, a grocery store, bathrooms, a playground, ATM, and a restaurant.

ACI Marina Vrboska: Vrboska lies on Hvar’s north coast, close to Jelsa. The marina is at the end of a deep narrow bay, affording good protection from all winds. Facilities include bathrooms, ATMs, car hire, bike hire, laundry, and free Wi-Fi. There are several restaurants nearby.