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Luxury Yacht Charter Costs Explained

The excellent news about yacht chartering is that there is a yacht for nearly every...

The excellent news about yacht chartering is that there is a yacht for nearly every group. A luxury yacht charter can cost anywhere from $15,000 to well over $450,000.

The fee usually depends on where you would like to travel. You also have to consider how many people will be going and the level of service you would like.

Choosing a private yacht charter is ideal for a holiday that blends privacy with exclusive destinations.

Luxury motor yacht Antares
Private Dining Aboard ANTARES in Antigua

What Affects a Luxury Yacht Charter Cost?

Private owners own charter yachts and set the charter fee. Several factors can determine the overall charter costs. We’ve outlined them in the following sections below.

The Yacht

You can charter different yachts, from smaller sailing catamarans to mega yachts.

Determine the cost by considering factors such as the year the boat’s built and the builders. Owners of the boast and the array of water toys it contains also add to the consideration. Some famous yachts, such as SIROCCO, are in demand because of their reputation.

Are you interested in the differences between yacht types? Please see our Boat Comparison for help.

A larger yacht that can accommodate a larger group of people may cost more than a smaller yacht. Additionally, specific amenities, such as onboard entertainment, may add to the cost of the charter.

Different types of yachts come with different amenities and capabilities. In particular, motor yachts are generally more expensive than sailing yachts. This is due to their larger size and higher fuel consumption.

luxury yacht charter costs, Power catamaran Frenchwest
FRENCHWEST, 78-foot Lagoon Catamaran

The Type of Charter Rate

  • Inclusive Charter Rates:- Inclusive crewed yacht charters rely on the number of guests. Inclusive rates include all food, beverages, water sports, and fuel expenses. Additional fees usually include taxes and dockage, and Non-standard beverages, specialty foods, and excursions are additional.
  • Plus Expenses Rates – The Charter Fee for charters that are plus-expenses is the base price for the yacht. Other expenses, such as food, alcohol, taxes, dockage, port fees, etc., are additional.
  • In this case, pay the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) before the charter.
  • It is usually about 25-40% of the charter price. For more, please see our First Time Yacht Charter Guide.

No matter what rate you have, it is essential to understand all the costs involved with your charter. We will ensure you understand all the services included in your charter fee.

luxury yacht charter costs
Some charters are “plus expenses.”

The Season You Travel

Yachts charter in different places depending on the season. There is a high season and a low season in each destination. Prices are usually higher in the Mediterranean’s summer or the Caribbean’s winter. Then, the price decreases in the winter in the Mediterranean and the summer in the Caribbean.

There are also peak weeks or periods over the winter and summer holidays.

Inside tip: travel during the shoulder seasons of Fall and Spring for more yacht availability and sometimes even lower rates. The smaller crowds also add to the appeal. To stay on top of the latest yacht specials, head to our Specials page or join our Newsletter.

Anguilla Caribbean Power Catamarans destination

The Length of the Trip

If you want to cruise to distant destinations or extend your usual trip, anticipate a higher charter cost. The average length of a charter is seven or fourteen days. However, it is possible to extend a cruise at an additional cost.

The Yacht Charter Destination can Determine the Yacht Charter Fees.

The supply and demand for yachts in crucial travel destinations also affect the cost. The price will be higher if you choose a less crowded and more remote destination, like the Galapagos.

GALAPAGOS SEA STAR JOURNEY is one example of a yacht available in the Galapagos. Remote, atypical luxury yacht charters may carry a higher price tag. However, they are a tremendous item on the bucket list to strive for!

The cost can often be more competitive if you want to head to a more heavily chartered area. These areas include Croatia, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands.

Catamarans PARADIGM SHIFT and ENDLESS HORIZON can give you an idea of what is available in these areas. Likewise, motor yachts PRIME TIME and The Peddler can provide the needed costs.

There are no right or wrong answers when choosing a charter destination. It depends on what type of activities and experience you are looking for.

The best part of yacht charters is that you can visit different places every vacation. Many locations have a variety of great sites that are impossible to tour in just a week.

A CKIM broker will help identify the type of itinerary that is right for you when planning your charter.

Split Harbor in Croatia
Split, Croatia.

Additional Luxury Yacht Charter Costs to Consider

Other factors to consider when determining how much your luxury yacht charter will cost are:

  • Advance Provisioning Allowance, APA. The prepaid downpayment for operating expenses.
  • The Value Added Tax for the country and other Taxes.
  • Crew Gratuities
  • Scuba Diving, other activities, or shore excursions
  • Onshore Dining
  • Trip Insurance
  • Charterer’s Liability Insurance
  • Cost of traveling to the departure port
  • Any hotel stays before or after the charter
  • Docking Fees. These fees may be several hundred to several thousand dollars per night in places like Capri and Sardinia.
  • Delivery Fees: If the yacht needs to move from one destination to another, there are additional fees. Depending on the distance, these fees can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The cost of relocating the yacht typically depends on the number of sailing hours required to reach the destination. Also, additional costs such as fuel and other related expenses should be considered.

Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about what to expect when chartering a yacht. Feel free to chat with us on-site or leave a message for us.

Ideas for Saving on Your Luxury Yacht Charter Costs!

Luxury Yacht Charter Costs at Special Rates

Sometimes, there are special offers during the off-season or if there is a last-minute cancellation. Our Greece Motor Yacht Specials, for example, offer a wide range of discounted yachts available for charter in the Greek Islands.

Flexible Destination

You can also save money by being flexible about the destination for your charter. When booking a yacht in a less popular area, expect to pay less than in a well-known destination.

Flexible Travel Dates

Similarly, booking during the off-season will likely be less expensive than during peak times. An additional benefit of traveling during the off-season is fewer crowds. Fewer crowds mean you will be able to enjoy the real atmosphere of a place. These dates allow you to have more opportunities to interact with the locals, and, overall, have a more relaxed trip.

Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to include travel insurance for your vacation and travel securely. Travel insurance can cover the cost of unexpected medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost or damaged luggage, and other unforeseen expenses.

Always prepare for your trip with travel insurance. Our yacht charter brokers can explain more about this. It’s an optional and recommended expense for your luxury yacht charter costs.

There’s a Yacht for You – Inquire

Whatever your parameters, the team at CKIM Group can help you find the right yacht for your vacation. We will also work with you to help craft the perfect trip to suit you and your guests. Whether you love lazing on a secluded, sandy white beach in the Exuma Islands, we can make it happen!

Call to speak to a charter specialist today.

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