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italian riviera yacht charter

Italian Riviera Yacht Charters

With the exclusive and alluring coastline and shiny azure waters, the Italian Riviera has become a yacht charter paradise. Another name for the Italian Riviera is the coast of Liguria, the country’s most fascinating region with 350 kilometers of beautiful coastline. The beaches of the Italian Riviera border bright blue seas and are backed by the Maritime Alps hovering high above.

Liguria is considered the prettiest and most flowery stretch of the Italian coast. Due to its compact area, an Italian Riviera Yacht Charter is great for exploring both the land and the sea. There are countless places to see and do during your Italian yacht charter.

Colorful buildings in Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera
Cinque Terre on The Italian Riviera.

A Destination of Romance and Glamour

From the French Riviera to the Tuscan border, verdant and thriving mountains guard the region of Liguria to the east and the north. While just opposite, the cobalt-blue Mediterranean lies to the south and west. Famously, the Riviera is a land of abundant vegetation, panoramic vistas, medieval hamlets, and colorful seaside villages. Together they combine to create a timeless and glamorous atmosphere.

The following make the Italian Riviera a genuinely romantic and charming destination:

  • Luxurious private yachts for charter from numerous ports
  • The seaside resort towns
  • Colorful villages
  • Elegant and chic provincial look
  • The historical and architectural charm of Genoa
  • Mild breezes blowing off the sea
  • Picturesque fishing villages
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Terraced vineyards
  • Fresh seafood and specialties like pesto

The Italian Riviera offers old-fashioned Italian glamor and elegance full of natural beauty and is a beautiful destination for romantic and glamorous yacht charters.

Italian Riviera | Climate

The Italian Riviera has a moderate and delightful Mediterranean climate. In the summer, the average temperature ranges from 9°C to 23°C. Little rainfall in the summer season makes the area ideal for luxury yacht charters. In addition, this comfortable, more excellent weather prevails through October, making the Italian Riviera a great choice for early Fall charters.

Places to See and Things to Do | Italian Riviera Yacht Charter


Portofino, an ancient fishing spot, has become a global symbol of the Italian Riviera’s class and style. This destination has always been the choice for stylish Italian families who revisit yearly. Portofino features a lively port dotted with luxury yachts. The stunning town square and the harbor of Portofino, surrounded by vibrantly painted buildings, have turned it into the world’s most photogenic port.

It is rustic but elegant, calm yet busy, and provincial but sophisticated cosmopolitan. Beautiful villas of the rich and famous people are evident all along the mountainous coast, with sights of the rocky coastline of the Ligurian Sea. While on your luxury yacht vacation in Portofino along the Italian Riviera, you can anchor here.

Cinque Terre

You will love hiking the famous Cinque Terre trails past colorful villages and the Mediterranean Sea. Five fishing towns comprise this stretch of the Italian Riviera, including Monterosso, Corniglia, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, and Manarola. These five towns are connected by a panoramic trail called Sentiero Azzurro or the Blue Path.

The coastal view of the Italian Riviera features spectacular green and thriving vegetation, and it’s best seen by boat. However, on land, you can drive the coastal road through Aurelia, winding through the enchanting villages of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Portofino, Chiavari, and Sestri Levante. You can also walk on one of the beautiful paths along the coast.


Genoa is a beautiful place worth visiting during your yacht charter to the Italian Riviera. With great historical value, Genoa is neat with winding streets that take you through the past – old churches, art galleries, and museums. There are also many hidden vistas to explore and even an aquarium.

Panoramic view of Genoa along the Italian Riviera Yacht Charter
Genoa along the Italian Riviera

Giardini Botanici Hanbury

The Botanic Gardens of Hanbury: A fantastic natural setting of harbors and one of Italy’s most interesting botanical gardens.

More Villages and Attractions | Italian Riviera

  • Portovenere
  • Spianata Castelletto
  • Santuario di Montallegro
  • Centro Storico di Albenga
  • Varigotti Beach
  • Porto Maurizio
  • Villa Grock