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The Axus Travel App Details

The Axus Travel Summary App details and its “How To Guide.”

Axus Travel App
Axus Travel App

Key Features Include:

  • Trip details with real-time updates​
  • Transfer information to/from port​
  • Contact details for all parties ​
  • Message CKIM Group In-App​
  • Health and security protocols​
  • Packing list
  • Amenities onboard​
  • Water toys on board​
  • Tip guidelines​
  • Travel insurance documents​
  • Downloadable PDFs​
  • Desktop view


  • Secure & Personal Mobile Access
  • Trip details
  • In-App Chat with CKIM Group


What to do after you receive the Axus App link from CKIM Group and download it from the App Store or Google Play Store​?

  1. Open App and when prompted to allow notifications, select yes so you’ll receive any changes to your itinerary, including flight updates, in real-time.​
  2. Use credentials provided by CKIM Group to log in with username and password.​
  3. Click your Trip’s image or the title to view it. ​
  4. Your daily plans will be displayed, and each segment can be clicked to explore more details for a particular activity. ​
  5. To go back to the main page from any section, select the left arrow next to “Details” at the top. ​
  6. The black bar at the bottom of the App houses your documents, signified by a paperclip icon. PDF documents, if applicable.
  7. The next bottom bar icon is the map icon for Guides, where you’ll find things like city or restaurant guides. ​
  8. The far right icon on the bottom bar is the messenger tool to contact CKIM, and it also sends the message to everyone on your Trip.​
  9. The Square box with an arrow takes you to a web browser to allow you to share, text, or email, as well as print and save to your phone. ​
  10. The top right + sign allows you to add a booking to your itinerary. Once added, click “Save.”
  11. Destination information for the Bahamas, Caribbean countries, Asia, and Europe.


The 10 Steps At A Glance about The Axus Travel Summary

  • Allow Notifications
  • Enter Credentials
  • Access Your Trip
  • View Daily Bookings
  • See Booking Details
  • Access Documents
  • Access Guides
  • Message CKIM
  • View in Browser to Share Trip
  • Add Your Activities / Bookings