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Deep-Sea Diving Giant Squid

Deep-Sea Diving Giant Squid captured on Film by a Luxury Mini-Sub. Scientists captured on film the Giant Squid for the first time in history.

Ocean Research and Conservation Association founder Dr. Edie Widder pulled off a spectacular scientific first when she filmed a giant squid last summer. The squid sighted 2,300 feet down in the cold waters of the Pacific off the coast of Japan. Moreover, the massive predator has been shrouded in secrecy. And capturing it on camera in its natural habitat is considered by many to be the holy grail of the natural history film-making. “People have been searching for the giant squid for hundreds of years, literally”  author Richard Ellis tells CNN.

Deep-Sea Diving Giant Squid Captured on Film
Triton Submarine’s

Widder solved the scientific mystery in dramatic fashion, capturing the live giant squid on video five times in nine attempts. This demonstrates an ability to film these legendary 60-foot-long animals. She traveled to Japan last summer as part of a multi-million dollar expedition.

There were 41 people on board the research ship, incl. producers,  cameramen, technicians, engineers, and scientists. The vessel used was The Triton mini-sub, manufactured in Vero Beach FL. Allowing the scientists to dive deep enough to capture the elusive creature. These one-to-three-passenger vessels allow for deep-sea diving up to 3,300 feet.

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