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Dive into Adventure: Deep Sea Diving in a Luxury Submersible

Luxury yachts always provide a variety of water toys to enjoy while on holiday. Stand-up paddleboards, floating mats, jet skis, and even giant water slides are common and fun. However, you can take your fun and adventure to a new level in a submersible. Imagine yourself nestled in a dry diving machine, cruising underwater and viewing the wondrous marine world outside. Deep-sea diving in a luxury submersible gives you the experience of a lifetime.

Submersible Basics

What’s the difference between a submarine and a submersible? A submarine has enough power to leave and come back to port under its power. A submersible has limited power reserves, so it needs a mother ship to launch and recover it. Moreover, submersibles are generally smaller and perfect as an addition to a luxury yacht charter vacation.

What is it Like to Deep Sea Dive in a Luxury Submersible?

Exploring the undersea world in a submersible is an experience like no other. Click here to see a video of what it’s like to be in a submersible.

Deep sea diving in a luxury submersible

Adding a submersible can turn any yacht charter into a grand adventure. For those charterers who have a passion for the ocean, adding a submersible is a total game-changer. Imagine a vacation where every day you visit places and see things that no person has ever seen before.

Deep sea diving in a luxury submersible

How Deep Can A Submersible Go?

It depends. Some submersibles are single-person recreational subs that can go a couple of feet, and others can go as deep as Mariana Trench. Generally, recreational submarines are designed to go up to a few hundred meters deep.

Triton Submarines Co. is one of the builders of submersibles in Florida, USA.

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