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Do you daydream of sipping a crisp glass of white wine while looking out over the shimmering Mediterranean Sea? Does your mouth water at the site of just-caught fish grilling alongside fragrant Sorrento lemons? If so, our gastronomy and wine charters will without a doubt bring a smile to your face, heart, and stomach.

While gathering for meals lies at the heart of nearly every culture, there are some places in which food is the culture. These nations have the good fortune of fertile lands, good weather, and above all, deep-rooted tradition. Despite globalization and the industrialization of food, these communities have held tightly held on to their strong culinary past.

Countries in the Southern Mediterranean have perhaps received the most acclaim and for very good reason. Italy, Croatia, and Greece welcome and communicate with their friends, families, and guests through food and wine. From regional dishes to the most local specialties, you can best understand these communities through their cuisine.

The French Riviera and Balearic Islands of Spain are equally perfect choices for a gastronomy and wine yacht charter. In France, you will be inundated by delicious wines ranging from fresh and light Provencal Rose to iconic Burgundian pinot noir, and of course powerful Bordeaux. Enjoy your bottle in Monaco or St. Tropez alongside creamy cheese and a fresh baguette. In Spain, you’ll have your choice of typical vegetable soups, stews, and pies, along with plenty of pork. You’ll even find regional tapas to pair with a cold glass of Verdejo wine.

A private yacht charter will transport you to the terraced, cliffside gardens and volcanic vineyards of multi-generational farmers. You’ll taste native grapes from historic wine producers, on your tour of the family’s centuries-old cantina. Venture just a few miles away to witness the innate skill involved in artisanal cheese and pasta making. In the marinas below, watch wooden fishing boats unload your evening’s octopus, before picking up local pastries in town. The gastronomic excellence in this corner of the globe is rivaled by few.

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The crew of the Matina is amazing. They all provide a high level of service, yet they manage to be very personable and friendly to the guests. The food is excellent!…
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