NYC to NYC Itineraries

Begin and end your New England yacht charter in New York City (NYC). The following are just examples of NYC to NYC Itineraries. Your Captain will work with you to create a customized vacation.

NYC to NYC Itineraries
New York City

NYC to NYC City Itinerary Options

Here are three options from which to choose for your NYC to NYC charter.

Option 1

Your first option would be to stay in the NYC harbor. On Day 1, you would cruise around the inner harbor, checking out all the sights of New York City, such as the Seaport, Statue of Liberty, aircraft carrier Intrepid, and the Brooklyn Bridge. During this leisurely cruise, you could enjoy an alfresco lunch.

After returning to the Brooklyn Marina, have dinner dockside. Then, you and your guests can enjoy the New York City nightlife. The next afternoon, take in more harbor sights before returning to the dock.

Option 2

Your second option would be traveling to Long Island and Greenwich, Connecticut. Depart Brooklyn and cruise up the East River into Long Island Sound. Enjoy lunch as you travel 45 miles (about 4 hours) to Huntington Harbor. While in Huntington, you could visit the town and its nightlife.

The next day, travel just outside the bay and anchor. From here, explore the tender and enjoy various water sports—afterward, head to Greenwich, a vibrant town with many shops. Spend the night here and depart early to arrive at Chelsea piers at noon.

Option 3

Your third option is to head up the Hudson River to Newburgh, New York. After your arrival, you would head up the Hudson River to upstate New York. Have lunch as you travel for about five hours and arrive in the late afternoon. The next day, tour the West Point Academy or the Hyde Park culinary school. Afterward, cruise back down the Hudson to Chelsea Piers.

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