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Zadar's Sea Organ from Zadar Tourist Board photo archive

Sibenik | Authentic Croatian Coastal Town

The ancient and romantic city of Zadar, Croatia is the principal city in Northern Dalmatia. Founded by the Romans on a small peninsula, Zadar offers ancient ruins, magnificent medieval churches, and contemporary art galleries. Its stone alleys reveal busy cafes, restaurants, shops, and boutiques.

This unique town is certainly worth a stop on your Croatian Yacht charter. Zadar makes the perfect starting point for sailing the waters of North Dalmatia.

Zadar’s Sea Organ – Zadar Tourist Board Photo archive

Old Town Zadar

In Zadar’s Old Town, ancient stones tell stories about Roman emperors and Venetian merchants. The narrow streets are filled with the laughter of locals, and you can hear the Adriatic Sea singing with its rhythmic waves.

Step Back in Time in Old Town

  • Roman Forum: Walk where emperors once strolled. Imagine gladiatorial battles in the arena and feel the weight of history beneath your feet. The Forum, the heart of ancient Zadar, is a testament to the city’s enduring legacy.
  • St. Donatus’ Church: On the edge of the Forum, visit St Donatus. This deconsecrated church is a beautiful example of early medieval Croatian architecture. St Donatus has excellent acoustics making it is a popular concert venue.
  • Land Gate & Sea Gate: Enter through these majestic gateways, each a portal to a different era. The Land Gate, adorned with Venetian lions, whispers of battles and conquests. The Sea Gate, with its serene statue of St. Chrysogonus, welcomes you from the sea.

Old Town – A Feast for the Senses

  • Kalelarga: Stroll down the city’s main artery, a vibrant mosaic of shops, cafes, and street performers. Sample local delicacies like Pag cheese and honey and pick up unique souvenirs.
  • Hidden Gardens: Escape the bustle and discover hidden green spaces like the Perivoj Gospe Trsatske. Wander through manicured gardens, sip coffee on a sunny terrace, and soak in the serenity of a hidden pond.
  • Museum of Ancient Glass. Dive into Zadar’s Museum of Ancient Glass. Marvel at intricate mosaics, delicate jewelry, and fiery blown glass in the workshop. Don’t miss the “Glass Medusa” exhibit and take home a souvenir inspired by ancient craft.
  • Sunset Ritual: On Zadar’s seafront promenade, listen to the Sea Organ. This unique stone structure plays haunting humming music powered by the sea’s waves. It dates from 2005.
  • The Sun Salutation is another contemporary attraction. In fact, it has 300 multi-layered glass panels set in the paving. During the day the panels absorb the sun’s energy and produce electricity. Then at night, the lights illuminate the waterfront.

Beyond the Walls

  • Trsat Castle: Climb the hill to this majestic fortress, a sentinel guarding the city for centuries. Explore its ramparts, discover hidden chambers, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Old Town and the Adriatic.
  • People’s Square: Mingle with locals in this lively square, sip coffee at a charming cafe, and soak in the atmosphere. On Sundays, browse the vibrant farmers’ market, a treasure trove of fresh produce and local crafts.
  • The Five Wells: Wander through this charming neighborhood, where five ancient wells dot the narrow streets, each whispering stories of a bygone era. Imagine the lives that revolved around these life-giving sources, a reminder of the city’s rich history.

Adventures for Thrill-Seekers

  • Scuba Dive: Dive into the crystal-clear waters near the Kornati Islands. This protected archipelago teems with vibrant marine life. Explore shipwrecks, discover coral reefs like underwater gardens, and encounter playful dolphins.
  • Island Hop in Style: Forget ferry schedules and crowded boats. Your yacht becomes your passport to secluded islands like Dugi Otok, where pristine beaches and charming villages await. Hike through fragrant pine forests, kayak through hidden coves, and enjoy private picnics on untouched shores.
  • Adrenaline Rush on Land: Zadar isn’t just about the sea. Take a private off-road adventure through the Velebit Nature Park or conquer challenging mountain trails on a guided bike tour.

Nightlife in Zadar

  • Sunset Soirees: As the sun dips below the horizon, your yacht deck transforms into a vibrant party space. Sip handcrafted cocktails, dance under the stars and watch the city lights twinkle across the water.
  • Bars & Clubs: Zadar’s nightlife scene pulsates with a hidden energy. Discover intimate speakeasies tucked away in cobbled alleyways, where live jazz fills the air and mixologists craft bespoke cocktails. Club Alcatraz is one of the top clubs in town.

Or, let your captain guide you to exclusive rooftop bars with panoramic views.


Zadar produces the original Maraschino, a world-famous liqueur obtained from the indigenous cherry with the same name. Other local foods include cured meats such as Dalmatian pršut (prosciutto) and Šokol, made from pork’s neck and conserved in pure sea salt.

Anchovies, sardines, mussels, and other seafood cooked simply with olive oil and lemon are also popular.

You will find many fine restaurants in Zadar, offering everything from traditional Dalmatian dishes to international cuisine.

Marinas in Zadar

Marina Zadar. This marina is at the center of Zadar. This naturally sheltered port offers 300 berths.

Borik Marina. The marina has 177 berths with a maximum length of 30 meters. Amenities include water, electricity, fuel, security, and a bar.

Consider chartering Croatia Gulet Fortuna, owned and operated by the Toric Family from Zadar. Moreover, you’ll have a local experience.