The ancient and romantic city of Zadar is the principal city in North Dalmatia. Founded by the Romans on a small peninsula, offers ancient ruins, magnificent medieval churches, and contemporary art galleries. Its stone alleys reveal busy cafes, restaurants, shops, and boutiques.

This unique town is certainly worth a stop on your Croatian Yacht charter. Zadar makes the perfect starting point for sailing the waters of North Dalmatia.

Zadar sea organ next to blue sea
Zadar’s Sea Organ – Zadar Tourist Board Photo archive

Zadar | Places to see

  • First, see the Roman Forum in Zadar’s Old Town, overlooked by open-air cafes and the Archaeological Museum.
  • On the edge of the Forum, visit St Donatus. This deconsecrated church is a beautiful example of early medieval Croatian architecture. The acoustics are so excellent, as a result, it is often used for concerts.
  • Next, enter the 17th-century Baroque Church of St Simeon. Inside, see St Simeon’s medieval sarcophagus, intricately decorated with silver and gold plating. Then climb the bell tower for fantastic views over the Old Town and across the Adriatic.
  • The Sun Salutation is another contemporary attraction. Made up of 300 multi-layered glass panels set in the paving, it absorbs the sun’s energy all day, producing electricity. Then at night, the lights illuminate the waterfront.

Zadar | Things to do

  • Visit the Museum of Ancient Glass to see displays of goblets, jars, and dishes dating back to Roman times.
  • Dine on creative Mediterranean fare, emphasizing fish, at Restoran Kornat in the Old Town on the quayside.
  • On Zadar’s seafront promenade, listen to the Sea Organ. This unique stone structure plays haunting humming music powered by the sea’s waves. It dates from 2005.
  • Kayak.


Zadar produces the original Maraschino, a world-famous liqueur obtained from the indigenous cherry with the same name. Other local foods include cured meats such as Dalmatian pršut (prosciutto) and Šokol, made from pork’s neck and conserved in pure sea salt. Anchovies, sardines, mussels, and other seafood cooked simply with olive oil and lemon are also popular.

There are many fine restaurants in Zadar, offering everything from traditional Dalmatian dishes to International cuisine.


Marina Zadar. This marina is located at the center of Zadar. It’s a naturally sheltered port and offers 300 berths.

Borik Marina. The marina has 177 berths with a maximum length of 30 meters. Amenities include water, electricity, fuel, security, and a bar.

Consider chartering Croatia Gulet Fortuna, owned and operated by the Toric Family from Zadar. Moreover, you’ll have a local experience.

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