Lastovo is the most remote island in South Dalmatia. It is an excellent Croatia Yacht Charter destination for those who love unspoiled nature and old stone buildings. The sole permanent settlement, Lastovo Town, is not on the coast but lies hidden away, facing inland. This is because, when it was founded, pirates were a threat to waterside dwellings.

The island of Lastovo is what you might call an imperial estate – one where the emperor and his family (along with nobility) used to escape from the stresses of city life. It was here where they found solace in their own private retreat, surrounded by natural beauty and thriving nature. With olive trees around every turn and with perfumed scents wafting through each moment, its a magical place worthy of a stop on your Croatia yacht charter.

Struge Lighthoise in Lastovo, Croatia
Struge Lighthoise in Lastovo, Croatia

Lastovo – Things See and Do

  • Above all, explore Lastovo Town, a huddle of old stone cottages, churches, and cobbled alleys, built into a hillside. Of particular note are the curious fumari (chimneys), reminiscent of minarets.
  • See Struga lighthouse in Skrivena Luka – dating from 1839; it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Adriatic sea.
  • Go scuba diving – Diving Center Ankora, based in Zaklopatica Bay, provides diving tuition, guided dives, and sunset dives.
  • If you are here in August, attend an open-air concert at the informal Lastovo Music Festival.
  • Dine on fresh Adriatic fish at either Augusta Insula Restaurant or Konoba Santor – both are in Zaklopatica Bay, and both offer free docking for sailing guests.
  • Lastovo’s fertile interior produces grapes, olives, and organic seasonal fruit and vegetables, so you will eat well here.
Lastovo's famous fumari or chimneys that dot the landscapes.
Lastovo’s famous fumari or chimneys that dot the landscapes.

Marinas and Anchorages

The Lastovo Island archipelago is an ideal cruising ground. It has many safe berths and anchorages. On its southern side, a wide and deep bay provides excellent shelter. Uska Bay has safe anchorage as well. Several sheltered bays offer safe anchorage, and you can sail around the uninhabited islets of the Lastovo archipelago. Enjoy a Southern Dalmatia Sailing Itinerary.

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