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Ston Croatia

Ston and Mali Ston | A Taste of History and the Sea

The small towns of Ston and Mali Ston lie at the very beginning of the Peljesac Peninsula in southern Dalmatia. Medieval walls connect the two towns. They lie about 34 miles northwest of Dubrovnik. Many things make this area special, including its beautiful town walls, saltworks, and mussels. 

ston and mali ston
Town of Ston and historic walls aerial view, Peljesac peninsula, Dalmatia region of Croatia

Ston and Mali Ston | Places to See

The Ston Walls

These fortifications, built in 1358 mainly to protect the valuable salt pans, connect Ston and Mali Ston.

Prapratno Beach

Prapratno Beach, with calm shallow water, is perfect for children. The beach has several amenities, including a volleyball area, paddle boats, and a restaurant. Stop by the fruit, vegetable, olive oil, and wine stands next to the parking lot.

Churches and Monasteries

Beyond the bustling oyster farms and historical walls, Ston and Mali Ston boast a rich tapestry of spiritual sites.

  • Church of St. Nicholas: Standing tall since the 13th century, this church is not just Ston’s oldest, but one of Croatia’s most ancient. Immerse yourself in the Romanesque architecture and imagine pilgrims seeking solace within its walls.
  • Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Built in the 14th century, this charming church offers a glimpse into Gothic style. Admire the intricate details and perhaps even stumble upon a local wedding celebration.
  • Church of St. Francis: Dating back to the 15th century, this Franciscan church exudes a serene atmosphere. Take a moment to reflect within its simple yet elegant interior.
  • Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy: Founded in the 13th century, this monastery transcends its religious significance. Marvel at the impressive Gothic architecture. Then, step inside to discover a hidden gem – a painting by the legendary Titian. Unwind in the tranquil courtyard and soak in the centuries of stories held within its walls.

Ston and Mali Ston | Things to Do

For a first-hand look at how fresh the oysters are, take an Oyster Tour. Farmers have been cultivating oyster beds in the bay since the period of Roman rule. The first documented shellfish breeding is from the 17th century.

Explore Ston Museum. Delve deeper into Ston’s fascinating past at the local museum. Exhibits detail the town’s role in the salt trade, its defensive infrastructure, and everyday life through the ages.

Join a fishing tour. Bota Sare offers short fishing excursions, day fishing, multi-day fishing, and extreme multi-day fishing.

Dine at Kapetanova Kuca in Mali Ston. You can try the freshest oysters, shellfish, black risotto, organically grown vegetables, and Peljesac wines.

Try local wines. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Peljesac Peninsula’s award-winning wines. From bold Plavac Mali to refreshing Pošip, discover hidden gems at local wineries or charming taverns.

Relax on the beach. Escape to the secluded Prapratna cove for a relaxing day on the beach. Enjoy the calm waters and soak up the sun.

Kayak the Bay. Explore the hidden coves and inlets of Mali Ston Bay from a different perspective. Kayak under the imposing fortress walls and discover the unique marine life.

Hunt for local crafts. Explore the small shops and stalls offering handmade souvenirs, including lacework, olive oil, and locally produced wines.

Marinas and Anchorages

  • The most well-protected anchorages are at Lovitse and Ston. However, other small harbors are all along the Peljesac Peninsula’s east and south coasts.
  • On the peninsula’s south coast, there’s a quiet fishing village called Trstenik. Part of the waterfront here is suitable for mooring and anchoring.
  • Ston has many restaurants that provide mooring berths.