Kasos (Kassos), located east of Crete in the Carpathian Sea, is a small rocky island.  It is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese located between Karpathos and Crete. Maintaining its traditional way of life, you’ll find the locals warm and friendly, and the towns uncrowded with tourists.

Places to see:

  • Towns and villages. Fry is the capital and main port of the island. Emporios is the old trade harbor of the island. Agia Marina village is one of the most beautiful in Kasos. Panaghia is a lovely village with several well-maintained stately homes with imposing archaic-style columns and exquisitely carved wooden doors. Poli is the old capital of Kasos and is 2 kilometers away from the current capital. Arvanitochori village is situated almost in the center of the island, 3 kilometers from the capital. Many tourists visit Arvanitochori village due to its beautiful architecture.
  • Beaches. From busy to secluded, there’s a beach on Kasos for everyone. Visit one or more of them such as Emporios, Ammounda, Helatros, and Armathia.

Things to do in Kasos:

  • Caving. The caves of Kasos, Ellinokamara, and Selai (Stilokamara) were once a place of refuge during pirate raids. It’s best to hire a local guide.
  • Swim. Emporios offers an organized sandy beach with shallow, calm waters.
  • Windsurf. One good spot is at Helatros on the southern part of the island.
  • Snorkel. The beach of Marmara with its soft sand and cobalt blue waters makes a perfect spot not only for swimming but also for snorkeling.


Kasos enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate . Summers are sunny and dry while the winters are mild. Although humid, Kasos experiences some heavy rains during winter and autumn.

Kasos Gastronomy Experience:

Kasos is famous for its excellent cheeses and other dairy products. Close to the entrance to Aghia Marina is, the Vonaparti family dairy can be found, which is the only sizeable local cheese producing business on the island. The cheese is so delicate and famous it is exported all over Greece.

If you’re not in a hurry, visit Milos taverna in Fry. The food is local and there’s a good view of the sea. Or, for fresh seafood go to Meltemi also in Fry.

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