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Sailing Adventures in the Mediterranean

Sailing Adventures in the Mediterranean with Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ Take a unique sailing trip in...

Sailing Adventures in the Mediterranean with Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’

Stad Amsterdam
Clipper “Stad Amsterdam”

Take a unique sailing trip in the Mediterranean and come home with lots of wonderful memories and stories to share!

Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ is offering some amazing sailing adventures in the Mediterranean this summer…

Stad Amsterdam - three mast sail
Stad Amsterdam – three mast sail

Sailing from Malaga to Nice

  • ‘Stad Amsterdam’ welcomes you onboard in Malaga. Early the next morning you will set sail to Nice. After a sailing trip of a week on the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and past the Balearic Islands the tall ship will arrive in the harbor of Nice during the day.

Sailing from Lisbon to Harlingen

  • Join the Sail-In of Tall Ships in Harlingen! On June 24th, you are welcome to come aboard the Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ in Lisbon. After a fantastic sailing trip on the Atlantic Ocean, rounding the Spanish coast, through the Gulf of Biscay, through the Channel, and at the North Sea, the Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ will reach Harlingen. The mighty ship will participate in the parade of sail with several other Tall Ships, a unique experience!

Scandinavian Sailing Cruise

  • Join ‘Stad Amsterdam’ on a spectacular sailing cruise this summer! Set sail from Frederikstad (Norway), via Gothenburg (Sweden), to Copenhagen (Denmark). During this sailing cruise, you will be astonished by the breathtaking scenery of Scandinavia with its beautiful and sometimes rough nature, the blue sea, the numerous islands, and the rugged coast. It’s the perfect combination of sailing and visiting these 3 Scandinavian countries.

Sailing from Kiel to Hamburg

  • Welcome aboard the Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ in Kiel. The city has a reputation as being the sailing capital of Germany. Kiel is located at the Kieler Fjord which is 17 kilometers long and flows into the Baltic Sea. That same morning you will leave the harbor and set sail to Hamburg. On this exceptional three-master ship you will be taken over the Baltic Sea passing several Danish islands and the cliffs of the Swedish south coast. This is a unique and wonderful sailing area.

Sailing from Hamburg to Portsmouth

  • Welcome aboard the Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ in Hamburg. During the sailing trip on the North Sea, the English Channel, and along the beautiful coast of southern England you will experience what sailing on a full-rigged three master is like and you can enjoy this exceptional ship in all of her glory. After several adventurous days and nights at sea, the Stad Amsterdam will reach Portsmouth.

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