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Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS

Summer Special – Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS is a Leopard 45...

Summer Special – Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS

Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS is a Leopard 45 catamaran, owned and run by Geoff and Bambi Alexander who provide a warm welcome aboard to all their guests. This catamaran has a great charter pedigree and is a former Cruising World Boat-of-the-year.

She features four lavish queen-sized cabins each with en-suite heads and showers, three of which are available for our charter guests. COOL RUNNINGS is fully air-conditioned and for the enjoyment of guests, has CD, DVD, and TV as well as plenty of games.

Her tender is a 12-foot rib with an engine powerful enough to pull you or your guests around the bay. She also has a two-seater kayak and noodles and floaters for the less active guests. She has enough snorkels and fins for everybody and for the more adventurous. Scuba diving and windsurfing can always be arranged.

sailing catamaran Cool Runnings
Cool Runnings

Beautiful 45ft sailing catamaran:

  • Accommodates 6 guests in 3 cabins
  • Friendly Crew
  • Excellent Service
  • New A/C and Overhead Fans in all Guest Cabins

Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS | Weekly Charter Rates:

From $11,000 to $14,000 inclusive of meals and drinks.

Sailing Catamaran COOL RUNNINGS | Crew Profiles:

Your crew from December through April…
Geoff and Bambi are back in the very beautiful Virgin Islands! After many many exciting adventures, (read more below), they have returned to the charter industry. COOL RUNNINGS a 45 foot Robertson and Caine catamaran stole their hearts and before they knew it they were the proud new owners. This couple has had extensive experience, more than 12 years of sailing the oceans of the world covering in excess of 70 000 miles, in both monohull and catamaran. From November 2003 to November 2008 they chartered their catamaran ALEXIS, hosting 70, one-week charters, they got to know guests from all corners of the world, introducing them to the beauty and tranquility of this outstanding sailing ground.

Your crew from 15 April to 15 July 2016.

Theo and Augusta van Rensburg.

We, Theo and Augusta van Rensburg, are South Africans (and Namibians!) who love traveling (either by sea, overland with our 4x4r, or by bicycle). Theo was a financial advisor at an insurance company, but also had a career as a solar engineer previously. He holds a Yachtmaster Ocean ticket and has more than 15 000 sea miles in his veins. Augusta is a registered nurse but also loves cooking and entertaining.

We were married in 1998 and shortly after our 1st anniversary was invited to a marriage retreat, where of course, the dream of ‘going sailing’ was born. Just 18 months later, the boat was bought, the house was packed and off we went! We crossed the Atlantic Ocean on our sailboat PLUMBOB, a 30 ft monohull. After 6 months of cruising, we met Geoff and Bambi in Brazil, while sailing on their Catamaran ALEXIS. A friendship developed quickly and as it happens with sailing friends, sailed off in different directions.

E-Brochure of sailing catamaran COOL RUNNINGS.

CONTACT US at 321-777-1707

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