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Savory Art by Chef Ron Wows in the Bahamas

Savory Art by Chef Ron Johnson is more than just a business name for the...

Savory Art by Chef Ron Johnson is more than just a business name for the Bahamian chef—it’s almost a mission. Every presentation displays his desire to create dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Savory Art by Chef Ron
Savory Art by Chef Ron

Chef Ron began his career as an apprentice with Atlantis Resort & Casino before moving on to study at Johnson & Wales University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary and then an MBA in Hospitality. He brought all that experience back to the Bahamas with him and launched Savory Art. Savory Art by Chef Ron is a Culinary and Consultation Service. In addition to consulting other food industry professionals, he is available for private dinner parties, small intimate dinners, and yacht charters.

Savory Art by Chef Ron
Beautiful salad by Chef Ron

His Dishes

Detailed preference sheets completed by yacht charter guests communicate favorite flavors or dietary needs to the chef. Chef Ron’s dishes are creative, modern, and innovative whether he is preparing an inspired dish or accommodating a dietary request or restriction. As he explains, “There are clients with gluten sensitivities, one would have had to create pasta with Rice Flour or another alternative. There are even requests to make sorbet and other frozen treats with Agave Syrup instead of Granulated Sugar. One must be flexible and proficient in substitution or creating new items based on what’s trending in the distinguished palate of society.”  For example, he has a Paleo sample menu that includes Mini Avocado Soup Shots; Roasted Bell Pepper, Sweet Potato, and Zucchini Frittata; and Seared Salmon with Lemon Herb Dressing.

Savory Art by Chef Ron
Dessert by Chef Ron

His website,, features many mouth-watering pictures in addition to several videos showing his artistry in action. Most noteworthy is his ability to move as fluently in an efficient yacht galley as he does in a full-size chef’s kitchen.

Want to experience Chef Ron’s culinary expertise while on charter in the Bahamas? Contact CKIM Group at (321) 777-1707.

You make the memories. We make the arrangements.

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