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Nature and Wildlife Yacht-Charters

The Galápagos Islands Since 1978, The Galápagos Islands have held the prestigious honor of being the world’s first protected UNESCO site. This came roughly 20 years after the Ecuador Government designated all uninhabited land a national park. Unsurprisingly, The Galápagos Islands have become one of the top nature and wildlife luxury yacht-charters in the world. […]

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New Zealand Yacht Charter

New Zealand Power-Yacht-Charter MOONDANCE

New Zealand power-yacht charter MOONDANCE is a luxurious Sunreef 70 catamaran. It has unparalleled onboard comfort, a custom-made design, excellent seaworthiness, and low fuel consumption. This dark blue-hulled beauty takes you on adventures in style without compromising comfort. MOONDANCE is a fantastic yacht for anyone wanting to explore New Zealand. Since Auckland’s sailing grounds are some […]

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Sailing in the South Pacific with MATAU

75 ft Luxury catamaran yacht MATAU is now sailing in the South Pacific The Destination Boasting a vibrant culture, delicious food, and over 7,500 idyllic and intriguing islands, the South Pacific is much more than just a palm-fringed paradise. From volcano-dominated wildernesses to wave-lapped shores to small humps of sand barely peaking above the waterline, there is so […]

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