Classic sailing yacht EROS

Luxury Sailing Yacht EROS

Luxury sailing yacht EROS: a Historic schooner of the ages reborn as a luxury yacht. Sailing a large classic like EROS is pure joy for veteran and novice sailors. Under a warm, tropical breeze, she heels gently and accelerates to ten knots or more. You can hoist sails, grind winches, or take the wheel. Or, […]

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Luxury Honeymoon Yacht-Charter Y-NOT

Luxury Honeymoon Yacht-Charter Y-NOT is an elegantly designed high-performance sailing yacht that combines excellent maneuverability, impressive speed, as well as luxurious accommodations. In addition, a performance keel allows close-in anchoring in the many shallow harbors and bays of the Caribbean. This 80-ft sailing yacht is very safe and seaworthy, making it perfect for a luxury honeymoon […]

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