Sicily Yacht Charters

Sicily Yacht Charters

Sicily yacht charters are one of the best ways to enjoy the island. The many villages, cities, and upscale ports welcome visitors year-round. Explore the island, feast on local cuisine, and learn about the island’s unique history. Quaint fishing villages such as Cefalu and Syracuse are popular yachting destinations, along with the famed Taormina. Climate […]

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How To Charter A Yacht In Italy?

Have you ever imagined yourself sailing the Amalfi Coast on your own, private, crewed yacht? Stop daydreaming and make your dream Italian vacation a reality. It’s easier than you may think. After you’ve tied up loose ends with work and decided who to vacation with, just follow our process for booking a luxury yacht charter. […]

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Catamaran Kaskazi Four at anchor in the Aeolian Islands

Sicily’s Best Wine Regions

With nearly 300,000 acres under vine, Sicily has more vineyards than any other region in Italy. Forever an essential center of viticulture, inhabitants have produced wine on the island since Magna Grecia. However, alongside its Greek heritage, Sicily’s proximity only 100 miles from Africa has significantly influenced its communities and agriculture. In particular, Arabic culture is still […]

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