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Yacht Travel Planning Tips for Parents

How To Involve The Kids Yacht travel planning for your family can be a lot...

How To Involve The Kids

Yacht travel planning for your family can be a lot of fun when you can get the kids involved. Seeking their input gives you the chance to be excited about the trip together, and may even help the kids get through the last few months of school before the summer break. If you’re heading out on a yacht charter for Spring Break, you may have even less time, so these tips will prove helpful.


Yacht Travel Planning | Preference Sheets

Luxury yacht charters are the perfect opportunity to custom-design a family vacation. Your itinerary is planned around the sites and activities in which your family is interested.¬†We’ll send you a preference sheet before your charter. We recommend that you sit down as a family to go over what foods you like or dislike and what types of activities you’d like to accomplish. The next step is for that preference sheet to go to the charter crew, who will then begin planning your menu and day-to-day activities.

Once you submit your preference sheet, your next job is to begin daydreaming with your family about your exciting upcoming charter!

Packing Tips For a Yacht Charter

Your itinerary will largely determine what type of clothing you may want to bring due to the various climates. For example, cruising through New England you’ll need a sweater or windbreaker since evenings can be chilly. If you’re traveling through the Caribbean there is no such thing as seasons because it is typically hot. However, you may appreciate a wrap or scarf for the evening. We will guide you through your packing tips for your specific charter location and time of year.

Resort casual is the standard attire unless you have plans for an elegant evening celebration onboard or an on-shore dinner. Swimsuits and casual beachwear are undoubtedly what you’ll be wearing while out on deck. For shoes, you won’t need any onboard, so pack only what you’ll need for activities ashore. Furthermore, protecting yourself from the sun is crucial so packing a hat or wide-brimmed hat is advised. Marine-safe sunscreen is provided.

If you’d like some more tips on planning a family vacation, check out this article from Etain O’Carroll at

We’d love to help with any questions you have about yacht travel planning with your family.

You make the memories. We make the arrangements.

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