Wellness Luxury Yacht Charter

In this day and age, where hybrids are the norm from flowers to fruit and car. A hybrid vacation of wellness and leisure can be experienced on a wellness luxury yacht charter. And as beautifully as a fine Meritage.

Hybrid Vacation

Wellness travel may not be a new concept to you. Many people seek spa vacations as a way to unwind, cleanse, or meditate. Maybe you have had one of these retreats. And no doubt came back feeling like you had done something good for yourself, both mind and body.

And certainly, you’ve enjoyed a leisure vacation in your travels. Breaking away from the everyday, maybe you’ve taken a cross-country road trip, a cruise, or traveled abroad.

But maybe you, like many people, have categorized wellness travel separately from leisure travel. In this day and age, where hybrids are the norm from flowers to fruit to cars. A hybrid vacation of wellness and leisure comes together on a wellness luxury yacht charter as beautifully as a fine heritage.

There are many options available to you when you decide to take a wellness luxury yacht charter.  Several yachts offer a range of wellness programs and activities to enhance what will already be an amazing vacation.

wellness luxury yacht charter
Yoga is one option on your wellness luxury yacht charter vacation.

Wellness Resolutions in 2020

With the pristine Caribbean sea, remote islands that dot the reef, and that feeling of being a million miles away from the rest of the world. Sailing in Belize is a perfect setting for a rejuvenating retreat. Our Wellness charters offer guests the benefit of luxury, an all-inclusive sailing charter with the addition of a dedicated yoga instructor on board. Plus a private chef to cater to clean cuisine based on your health goals. Additionally an opportunity to learn some cleansing, restoring, and delicious recipes. Along with the days’ practices, there will also be plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, fish, explore the islands, or just relax.

Your charter is fully all-inclusive of captain, chef, yoga instructor, all freshly prepared healthy meals, and a standard open bar, for those who may still want a little indulgence at the end of the day! Your yacht comes with snorkel gear, SUPs, kayaks, fishing gear, and floaties.

wellness luxury yacht charters
Stand Up Paddleboarding in Belize

Wellness Programs and Activities

If you’re hoping to mix some zen into your zip, M/Y LIVE THE MOMENT offers guests a complete wellness program that is woven into your luxury yacht charter vacation.  Samar Saba and Paulo Fernandes, co-founders of Wellness and Beyond, have created a wellness program to focus on a balance of the body, through a cleansing menu to neutralize acidity in the body, and balance the mind, through a guided meditation study.  At the end of your vacation not only will you feel rested and rejuvenated, but you’ll also come away with expert tips on how to continue the practices you’ve learned once you return home.

Most chefs on luxury yacht charters are well versed in various methods of food preparation. From raw food diets to gluten-free living and more. These chefs have a passion for creating menus that are both healthy and delicious. And take great pleasure in exceeding your dietary expectations. If you’re ready to start a healthy way of eating, there is no better than on a luxury yacht charter.

Something for Everyone

Private charters are available throughout the year, contact us for rates and details. And read more about Wellness Yacht Charters!

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