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Yacht Crew Giving Back

The yachting industry is full of talented crew and wonderful efforts they’re passionate about outside...

The yachting industry is full of talented crew and wonderful efforts they’re passionate about outside of work. One such person is Captain Kirsty Williams, of Sailing Yacht Dama de Noche. In addition to being Captain of an 82′ Oyster, she dedicates a large part of her free time to giving back to those in need.

Hailing from South Africa, Kirsty has a keen understanding of the hardships people from underserved communities face in her homeland.  She is an excellent example of yacht crew giving back, and not only during the holiday season. Utilizing one of her many talents, Kirsty creates beautiful watercolor paintings to sell and generate money for these communities in need.

The organisations I support are all close to my heart and through close friends that I have grown up with, so I know every penny goes to a good cause.

Captain Kirsty Williams

She uses inspiration from her sails around the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands to craft unique and moving pieces. A nature-lover, she also draws inspiration from the boundless natural beauty of her travels. Kirsty then sells and donates all proceeds of her art to 3 non-profits in South Africa. These noteworthy groups provide food, tutoring, and many other services to these deserving individuals.

Visionary Can Ladies

The first NPO Kirsty supports is Visionary Can Ladies.  Moreover, she mentors the founder Mathilda, who runs a community kitchen that feeds up to 200 children daily in the Masiphumelele community. The Visionary Can Ladies community also supports GBV victims and child-headed households.

The Groundbreakers

The second NPO Kirsty supports is The Groundbreakers.  Here, the founder Nadia feeds her small community of Ocean View, also located where Kirsty originates in South Africa. In addition, Nadia gives kids a safe space to do their homework and play – out of harm’s way in this gang-riddled community.

Ukhanyo Arts Organisation

The final charity Kirsty supports is the Ukhanyo Arts Organisation, a group that combats GBV through performing arts.  Overcoming many hardships, Kirsty’s schoolmate Rose Ntluko is now part of this performing arts community in the Western Cape’s Capricon Park.

How To Support Kirsty & Yacht Crew Giving Back

Captain Kirsty is a great inspiration and example for us all. To find her artwork and connect with Kirsty, you can follow her on Instagram @kirstyskywilliams  or Facebook

As with every industry, yacht crew giving back to communities in need is extremely important and something we truly admire. If you’re interested in chartering with Kirsty, or another top Captain, contact us at CKIM Group at 321 777-1707.



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