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Activities in the Grenadines for Your Yacht Charter Vacation

Planning your Caribbean vacation in the Grenadines? This charming destination offers a variety of things for...

Planning your Caribbean vacation in the Grenadines? This charming destination offers a variety of things for yacht charter guests to enjoy. Below are great ideas for your Grenadines yacht charter vacation activities.

activities in the grenadines

Activities in the Grenadines

Full Moon Party

Experience the lively Union Island Full Moon Party on Kite Beach in Clifton Harbour. It happens during the full moon, offering live music, cold drinks, and non-stop dancing from sundown to sunrise. The beach jump-up is famous for its energetic vibe, featuring pyrotechnic kite-board acrobatics under the moonlit sky.

Swim with Turtles

Swim with the Turtles at Tobago Cays Marine Park: Head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tobago Cays Marine Park. The closest ports to the marine park are Canouan and Union Island—delight in the magical experience of swimming with sea turtles in crystal-clear waters.

Dine on a Private Island | Activities in the Grenadines

Indulge in a unique lunch or dinner dining experience on a private island in the Tobago Cays Marine Park. Enjoy a BBQ featuring local lobster or other delectable options. You also have the option to have a steel pan band for a musical backdrop.

Scuba Dive

The Grenadines offer an array of captivating scuba diving sites, showcasing diverse marine life and underwater landscapes. Here are some notable scuba diving spots in the Grenadines:

  • Mayreau Gardens: This site is famous for its impressive coral formations and swim-throughs. Divers have the chance to spot a variety of marine species, including colorful reef fish. It is near the island of Mayreau.
  • Palm Island Wall: This site off Palm Island features a dramatic underwater wall. It is a thrilling dive experience with the chance to see large pelagic species and unique coral formations.
  • Cayo Tijeretas (Canouan): A popular dive site near Canouan, Cayo Tijeretas boasts a rich marine ecosystem. Divers will encounter schools of fish, sponges, and coral formations, creating a visually stunning underwater landscape.
  • Bisee Tunnel (Bequia): Bequia’s Bisee Tunnel has an underwater tunnel, providing a unique diving experience. Swim through the passageway surrounded by vibrant marine life.
  • World’s End Reef (Carriacou): Although located just outside the Grenadines, this site near Carriacou features a wall dive.


Snorkeling is one of the best activities in the Grenadines. The region offers numerous fantastic snorkeling spots, each providing a unique underwater experience. Here are some notable places for snorkeling in the Grenadines:

  • Tobago Cays Marine Park: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an outstanding snorkeling destination. The waters are crystal-clear, so you can see vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life, including sea turtles.
  • Mayreau: Saline Bay in Mayreau has excellent snorkeling opportunities. The clear waters and diverse marine ecosystem make it a favorite among snorkelers.
  • Union Island: Chatham Bay and Clifton Harbor on Union Island also offer great snorkeling locations. Explore the colorful coral reefs and encounter a variety of tropical fish.
  • Palm Island: The waters around Palm Island are teeming with marine life. Snorkelers can enjoy exploring the coral gardens and observing the underwater biodiversity.
  • Canouan: The coral reefs around Canouan provide a captivating snorkeling experience. Snorkelers may encounter colorful fish, rays, and other interesting marine species.
  • Petit St. Vincent: The tranquil waters surrounding Petit St. Vincent offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.
  • Bequia: Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay in Bequia are popular snorkeling spots. These areas are famous for their clear waters and diverse marine environments.

Golf | Activities in the Grenadines

For avid golf enthusiasts, a must-visit is the 18-hole course at Pink Sands Resort in Canouan. This course is famous as the premier golfing destination in the region. This world-class course promises an exceptional golfing experience against the backdrop of Canouan’s stunning surroundings.

Visit Exclusive Mustique

Explore the allure of Mustique, an exclusive island renowned for its glamour. Make sure to visit the iconic Basil’s Bar. Frequented by the elite, this hotspot is well-known for attracting celebrities and high-profile individuals. Get a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle that defines this Caribbean gem.


For the nature lover, hiking is one of the best activities in the Grenadines. Some trails offer breathtaking ocean views, secluded beaches, and picturesque waterfalls. Some notable trails include:

  • The Pitons Trail
  • Saline Bay Beach Trail – Mahault Falls Trail – Mt. Nevis Trails – North Point Trail
  • Bequia Hiking Trails – Castle Comfort – Le Tete aux Vaches Trail – La Soufriere Volcano National Park
  • 3 Sisters Track: Start at Cabrits National Park’s Visitor Centre and walk through a diverse range of terrain. You will encounter beaches, tropical rainforests, swamp land, and natural pools. Take care when crossing streams or rivers, as they can be unpredictable during times of heavy rainfall.
  • Union Island Hiking Trails: Enjoy the natural beauty on these hikes. Walk through lush, forested areas with various plants and animals such as hummingbirds, macaws, and iguanas. Several paths lead up to beautiful overlooks where hikers can take in stunning panoramic views from atop mountains or hillsides.

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There are activities in the Grenadines for every age and ability. Call today for more information and to book your yacht charter vacation.

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