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A Real Anguilla Mermaid Experience

Become a Mermaid

The breathtaking waters of Anguilla are so surreal you may think you’re dreaming when you see them. Making it even more surreal, there’s a good chance you may see an Anguilla mermaid or two while you’re there.

Anguilla mermaid experiences at Mermaid School International
Anguilla mermaid experiences at Mermaid School International

Anguilla is home to Mermaid School International. It offers a variety of Anguilla mermaid experiences ranging from individual and group recreation and instruction to multi-leveled instructor courses, and virtually everything mermaid-related in between.

You can begin with the Mermaid Experience. This includes the rental of a mermaid tail, swimming instruction, water games, and photographs. You can also add a little extra time and have a mermaid face painting experience. For those who want to go further, the school offers a half-day experience, mermaid snorkeling, and a certification course.

In addition to the personal experiences, the school offers handmade mermaid jewelry, shell tops and hair clips for a bit of nautical whimsy. Having a party? You can also hire a mermaid performer or you and your guests can don a tail and become mermaids or mermen yourselves.

Estelle Arlaud, also known in Anguilla as the “Mermaid Chef”, founded Mermaid School International in 2014. A former underwater model turned gourmet chef, Estelle decided it was time to share her life-long love of the water with others by offering them a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To find out more about the Mermaid School International, visit mermaidschoolinternational.com or connect on Facebook at facebook.com/MermaidSchoolInternational

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