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Newport Charter Show | A Luxury Yacht Lunch Experience

I was fortunate to have lunch on the luxury yacht Blue Star at the Newport...

I was fortunate to have lunch on the luxury yacht Blue Star at the Newport Charter Show from June 18th to 21st. The sailing yacht Blue Star is a newcomer to the chartering scene. The event took place in the picturesque setting of Newport, Rhode Island.

The Newport Yacht rendezvous was a grand event, bringing together yacht enthusiasts and industry professionals from around the world.

newport charter show
Luxury yacht Blue Star at the Newport Charter Show

Luxury charter yachts of all sizes were on display at this multi-day event, which has taken place for over 35 years. The show is dedicated exclusively to yacht charter professionals. Charter brokers, agents, captains, and crew all attend the show. In addition, there was a showcase of ancillary goods and services for the charter industry.

Luxury Yacht BLUE STAR at the Newport Charter Show

Built in 2014, the luxury yacht Blue Star underwent a refit in 2017.

The monohull sleeps six and has three cabins. One queen guest cabin is upfront, along with a double guest cabin on the port side. A king-sized master cabin is in the aft.

Shaded by a large awning, the cockpit is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view. The 18-foot beam makes both the deck and the downstairs spacious. There is also BBQ onboard; regulators are available for anyone interested in diving.

The boat is ideal for a large family or two couples wanting an authentic boating experience.

Captain Don Fung Fook has his PADI Divemaster license. The 40-horsepower, hard-bottom tender is ideal for snorkeling or relaxing trips around the harbor.

Captain Fook | Newport Charter Yacht Show

Fung Fook hails from New Amsterdam, Guyana. As a teenager, he moved to the British Virgin Islands and has worked on powerboats and sailboats for over ten years.

Captain Fook is highly knowledgeable about a wide array of topics. He even invented a bike rack ideal for boats, which he is happy to show you if you are interested.

Blue Star’s chef is Roma Stopforth. Originally from South Africa, Stopforth owned several restaurants but became a full-time boat chef when she moved to the BVI. She has freelanced on boats ever since and worked with Fung Fook on other boats in the past.

Both Stopforth and Fung Fook expressed their satisfaction with the significant improvements observed in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). They mentioned that the BVI Yacht charter industry is experiencing a remarkable resurgence.

The strong bond between the two crew members was palpable. Captain Fung Fook said, “She’s consistently ready, whether it’s catching lines or attending to other onboard tasks.”

Lunch on Luxury Yacht Blue Star at the Newport Charter Show | Courses

Stopforth’s culinary expertise was evident throughout the dining experience. Our meal commenced with a delightful gazpacho, offering a refreshing respite from the summer’s sweltering heat. Subsequently, we savored an arugula salad adorned with ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a lustrous balsamic glaze.

The main course featured a succulent salmon filet bathed in a caper and cream sauce, complemented by clams and tender asparagus. However, the best part of the meal was the Pavlova dessert. It was a delectable masterpiece comprising meringue drizzled with cream and adorned with an array of vibrant fruits.

Throughout the meal, Fung Fook graced us with his presence, engaging in effortless conversation and ensuring the comfort of all diners. Stopforth’s culinary prowess shone as she expertly prepared and served each course with unwavering confidence.

Book Luxury Yacht Blue Star

Luxury yacht Blue Star is available for charter along the dynamic picturesque setting of the New England coast for the summer. She will head back down to the Caribbean this fall. You will definitely enjoy the experience aboard the luxury yacht Blue Star. We certainly enjoyed meeting the yacht and crew at the Newport Charter Show!

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