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Explore the Wonders of Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay is the northernmost cay in the Exuma Land and Sea Park, an uninhabited cay owned by Exuma Park. This archipelago of cays surrounds a shallow tidal mangrove salt marsh, creating a unique nursery for conch, lobster, sea turtles, birds, and many fish.

The landscape of Shroud Cay changes from year to year due to winds and waves. Many Bahamas Yacht Charters in the Exumas visit Shroud Cay.

Shroud Cay
Bay in the Exumas

A Brief History of Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay has a significant historical past. It takes its name from the shroud, a rope used to lower the sail of a sailing ship. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this region was a haven for pirates who sought refuge within its hidden coves and meandering waterways. Shroud Cay’s rich history intertwines with the tales of notorious pirates, adding an air of mystery and adventure to its allure.


The weather is excellent on Shroud Cay year-round. It is warm to hot in the summer and mild in the winter. Expect occasional passing rain showers.

Shroud Cay | Things to See and Do

  • Discover nature. As part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, it has an undisturbed ecosystem and is home to diverse wildlife. The island is blanketed with lush vegetation, including mangrove forests, coconut palms, and vibrant tropical flora.
  • Explore Camp Driftwood Beach and hike to the highest point of the cay for fantastic views. The camp was built in the 1960s by Ernest Scholtes.
  • Kayak. Shroud Cay has channels of mangroves that you can spend the afternoon kayaking through at high tide. Glide through the calm waters, exploring the hidden coves and mangrove forests at your own pace.
  • Snorkel. Snorkeling at Shroud Cay is a fantastic experience. Delight in the vibrant underwater world filled with colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs.
  • Hike. Make your way to the highest vantage point for panoramic views.
  • Dive. The Wax Cut Drift Dive boasts stunning coral formations.
  • Jump in the washing machine. This unique area of zipping currents runs around a little beach peninsula. If you jump in the current on one side of the point, it will wash you around to the other side, thus earning its name “the washing machine.”
  • Explore the fascinating rock formations. Be sure to wear shoes as the rocks can be very sharp.
  • Relax on the beach. The beach here is rocky and mixed with white sand. Although the beach is rocky, you can find sandy areas for sunning and beach games.
  • Picnic. Indulge in a delicious picnic spread and bask in the tranquility of this untouched paradise.
  • Look for wildlife. Shroud Cay is home to a variety of wildlife. Sea turtles find refuge in the cay’s mangroves.


There are no marinas on Shroud Cay. Your captain will anchor the boat offshore and take you in the dinghy to land.

Shroud Cay stands as a testament to the untouched beauty of the Bahamas. Its intriguing history, unspoiled landscapes, and diverse activities offer a captivating adventure for a yacht charter itinerary.

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