Cooper Island

Cooper Island, formerly Bergen Island under the Sweden-Norway administration until 1905, is a small island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The origin of the island’s name is somewhat uncertain. However, there are two theories: a Dutch family named Koop named it for its first settlers. Or, it was named Cooper for the coopers that came to collect the white cedar used for making rum barrels.

cooper island
Cooper Island


Cooper Island is warm to hot throughout the year, and the trade winds influence the weather. The most pleasant period is from December to March when the average temperature is around 75/77 °F. The hottest and most humid period is from May to October when the average is around 82 °F.

Cooper Island: Things to see and do

  • Snorkel and dive: The island lies adjacent to wreck alley, a famous wreck diving site. Here, you will find several vessels deliberately sunk as dive sites. One famous dive site, the Wreck of ‘The RMS Rhone’ is just minutes from Cooper Island.
  • If you are not already a certified scuba diver, you can learn to dive with Sail Caribbean Divers.
  • Taste local rum at the Cooper Island Resort’s rum bar. Or, try a rum sampler board, and the knowledgeable staff will explain their origins and history.
  • The Cooper Island Resort also has a restaurant and micro-brewery where you can choose from six craft beers on tap.
  • Shop at the SeaGrape Boutique for unique clothing, gifts, and locally-produced products.
  • Hike up the hill at Quart-A-Nancy Point for a great view of Manchioneel Bay and Cistern Point. From here you can also see all the way to Virgin Gorda and the US Virgin Islands. 
  • SUP around the island.
  • Sit on the beach and enjoy the view.


Pick up a mooring in Manchineel Bay on a first-come basis. The Cooper Island Beach club manages twenty-six mooring balls, and you may also use one of ten privately owned mooring balls. The area has good anchoring.

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