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Peter Island

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Peter Island is the largest private island in the BVI and the fifth largest of the 60 islands, quays, and exposed reefs that comprise the BVI. It is about five miles south-west from Road Town, Tortola.

Deadman’s Beach on Peter Island.

Only 300 of the island’s 1800 acres are developed. However, it has hiking and biking trails perfect for discovering the island’s abundant tropical flora and fauna. The beaches face the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Peter Island: Things to see and do

  • Take a helicopter tour and see the island from the air.
  • Spend a day at Deadmans Bay, enjoying its postcard-perfect scenery. The bay is crescent-shaped and lined with palms. It is on the north shore of Peter Island. And, it’s one of the Virgin Island’s popular yacht anchorages.
  • Snorkel at The Indians. Since this area has great visibility and colorful marine life, it is a very popular diving and snorkeling spot. The Indians are home to a variety of reef fish. Also, there are large sea fans, and small corals dot the walls. The Indians are one of the best spots for macro life in the BVI.
  • Hike Sunset Loop and look for wild goats. The Sunset Loop covers about 3 miles, but be aware that the last mile and a half are almost straight up. For this reason, you need a good fitness level for this hike.


Peter Island’s weather is warm with eastern trade winds. There is not much difference between the summer and winter since the temperature stays between 77 °F and 85 °F.


Pick up a mooring ball on a first-come basis at Great Harbour.