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BVI Charter Show 2021 Winners

The 2021 Charter Yacht Society Boat Show announced its winners at Nanny Cay Resort and...

The 2021 Charter Yacht Society Boat Show announced its winners at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina in Tortola on November 3-6. This popular event hailed the BVI Charter show winners who participated in yacht inspections, themed cooking competitions, and seminars.

Although only 9 yachts attended physically this year, another 7 yachts and their crews attended virtually. Over 100 charter brokers attended the show. The charter show winners are great choices for your next BVI or Caribbean catamaran charter vacation.

Virgin Islands Crewed catamaran Altesse's Champagne bridge. BVI Charter show winners
Champagne Bridge for Altesse

About the BVI Charter Show

The BVI Charter Show, a yearly event in the Caribbean, featured fancy yachts and experts in the maritime world. It is also the perfect stage for companies to show off their best boats and services to people who love yachts.

The show is more than just about fancy and crewed yachts. It’s an exceptional event that brings together people who love sailing as well as experts in the maritime world. It’s like a big gathering for sailing fans.

In addition, you can feel the ocean breeze and share the excitement for all things related to boats and the sea. Thus, it’s not just about looking at nice boats. Most especially, it is about experiencing a shared love for sailing and the sea.

BVI Charter Show Winners | Cocktails and Canapes Competition

The cocktail and canapé competition added a flavorful twist to the celebration. It showcased the mixology prowess of equally talented charter yacht crews. Here are the BVI Charter show winners under the category:

  • Tara Phelan, of the 62-foot Privilege sailing catamaran ELYSIUM, won best canape. The runner-up place went to crew Lee and Tyler worked together for many years. Presently, they have embarked upon the Catamaran SEGUNDO VIENTO.
  • Meanwhile, Captain Graham Gips from 44-foot Fountaine Pajot ALLENDE took home first place for best cocktail. Captain Jeff Nichols from 58-foot Fountaine Pajot PORT TO VINO was runner-up.
  • The BVI Show also hailed ELYSIUM. They discovered their captain chef Tara Phelan and Captain Matt Mullins as The Best Cocktail and Canape Team award. Their captain and chef teamwork shined throughout the competition.

BVI Yacht Show: Best In Show

  • SEGUNDO VIENTO received first place for the yachts, and ALLENDE was runner-up. Moreover, SEGUNDO VIENTO is a brand new privilege 64 BVI sailing catamaran. It comprises crew Lee and Tyler Dawson, who manage the luxurious yacht.

Share Our World Award

  • Lastly, the Addison SHARE OUR WORLD Award went to Captain Graham and Chef Kristiann Gips of BVI Catamaran ALLENDE.

Experience What A BVI Charter Yacht Show Winner Offers

Embark on an extraordinary British Virgin Islands private sailing adventure with our distinguished fleet of BVI charter show winners.

Secure your spot now and set sail on a British Virgin Islands private sailing holiday that transcends the ordinary. It also promises great moments amidst azure waters and scenic landscapes.

Your exclusive catamaran voyage is poised to commence. Don’t miss the chance to experience the epitome of nautical luxury with our yacht charters. To transform your maritime dreams into reality, contact CKIM Group at 321-777-1707.

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