Grenada Yacht Charters Activities

Luxury yacht charters to Grenada are packed with activities. This gorgeous island in the southern Caribbean is popularly known as ‘the Spice Island’ because its fertile volcanic soil grows plenty of fragrant nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa. It’s a perfect island for those who seek a genuine Caribbean experience. Grenada offers a spicy mix of colonial roots and local culture as well as lush mountains, rainforests, plantations, colorful seaside villages, and beautiful beaches. Grenada’s capital St George’s is a lovely city that is very popular with yachters who anchor in the busy harbor of Carenage.

Go on some Grenada Yacht Charters Activities while docked in this beautiful marina.

Grand Anse Beach is a 4-km long swath of soft white sand. You’ll find this beach uncrowded on most days. Grand Etang National Park should also be on your list of things to do. Surrounded by rainforests, high up in the mountains of the island’s interior, the park’s varied terrain makes for excellent hiking. Not only does Grenada offer fabulous beaches and interesting hiking trails, it also has shopping, spas, dining, and lots of festivals.

Grenada Main Attractions

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse is Grenada’s most beautiful, attractive, and famous beach. The beach is also fringed by coconut palms and sea grapes. Yachters flock to the arc of golden sand and tender surf of the beach. There are also many restaurants and boutique resorts lying along the shore. The color of the beach water ranges from clear turquoise near the shore to azure blue to the deep sea. The water is calm- suitable for swimming here. Noteworthy, there are spice and craft markets along the midway.

Grenada Yacht Charter: St. George’s.

St George’s, the capital of Grenada, is one of the prettiest cities in the Caribbean that curves along the harbor and is backed by volcanic hills. This vibrant town is popular with also yachters who dock in the harbor of Carenage.  Among the main attractions of the city Fort George, built in the early 18th century by the French, Fort Fredrick, and the Grenada National Museum are worth mentioning. Moreover, the Sendall Tunnel which joins the Carenage to the Esplanade and the Bay Gardens with around 3,000 species of Caribbean plants are other places of attraction in the town.

Grenada Yacht Charter: Carenage.

The Carenage is mainly the anchorage and the inner harbor. It is a lovely place for wandering along the waterfront, visiting the shops, and also watching the dockside activities. While on your Grenada yacht charter, you must visit this beautiful place, have a chat with the locals, and relax at a restaurant selling fresh seafood. Finally, Wharf Road goes along the harbor rendering great views of the area.

Grenada Yacht Charter: Morne Rouge Bay.

Morne Rouge Bay, on the south of the Grand Anse, is typically a quieter alternative to Grand Anse Beach.  The calm jade-green seas with a one-and-a-half kilometer crescent of white sand make the beach a safer place for swimming. There are resort restaurants too along the beach which offer snacks. You will also enjoy the green plants fringing the beach providing plenty of shady areas to sit and relax.

Grenada Yacht Charter: Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve.

Grand Etang National Park offers some beautiful rainforest panorama and rewarding hikes too. One of the main attractions of the park is the gorgeous crater-formed Grand Etang Lake. The Shoreline Trail around the Grand Etang Lake, the Mount Qua Qua Trail, the Seven Sisters Falls hike, and a three-hour uphill trek with views over the forest are some worth seeing trails here. Besides, along the trails, you can find many species of orchids, birds, and towering rainforest trees.

Grenada Yacht Charter: Levera National Park.

Levera National Park, on the northeastern side of the island,  offers some spectacular scenery where the Caribbean Sea joins the Atlantic. The park is backed by cliff walls and coral-sand Bath-ways Beach. A natural offshore reef also provides good protection for swimming. Other things of interest in the park are Levera Pond, an ancient volcanic crater, and also a Bird-Watch Bridge which extends to a mangrove area. Furthermore, a center for visitors lies at the entrance to the park.

Grenada Yacht Charter: Annandale Falls.

Annandale Falls is located in the mountains north of St. George’s. It is a 10-meter waterfall dropping to a pool tucked in tropical plants. During your visit here, you can swim at the base of the cascades and observe the local divers leaping into the water from the top. For visitors’ convenience, change rooms are also available here. You will also get the locals hawking souvenirs here.

Grenada Yacht Charter: Underwater Sculpture Park.

The Underwater Sculpture Park at St. George’s at Moliniere Bay is a unique submerged gallery that serves as an artificial reef in the Marine Protected Area. This amazing part was created by artist Jason de Caires Taylor and the sculptures vary from Amerindian petroglyphs to life-size figures cast by local children. Therefore, snorkelers, divers, and glass bottom boat passengers will admire the underwater exhibition and the best views are face-to-face with the sculptures below sea level. Hence, visiting this underwater park will amaze you with abundance.

Other Attractions on the Grenada Yacht Charter Vacation.

  • Belmont Estate (Belmont)
  • Fort George
  • Sandy Island (Carriacou Island)
  • Seven Sisters Falls
  • Concord Falls
  • Grenada National Museum (St. George’s)
  • Palm Tree Gardens Botanical Garden (Saint David’s)
  • La Sagesse Nature Center (Corinth)
  • Bathway Beach (Levera National Park)
  • Tyrell Bay (Carriacou Island)
  • Sendall Tunnel (St. George’s)
  • Mount Qua Qua (Grand Etang National Park)

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