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Delicious Dining in St Martin | Culinary Gems

There is certainly no shortage of delicious dining at restaurants in St Martin. There are...

There is certainly no shortage of delicious dining at restaurants in St Martin. There are many restaurants on the island. Two popular options are the Rainbow Cafe and La Villa Restaurant.

The Rainbow Cafe's large dining area is perfect for starting your mornings with a wonderful breakfast. Lunch and dinner are equally enjoyable. For fine French dining in the heart of Grand Case Village, visit La Villa.

Read on for an overview of the restaurants you can visit while on a luxury yacht charter vacation to St. Martin. It originally appeared in the St Martin Newsletter in Nov 2021. Reposted with permission.

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St Martin

Delicious Dining in St Martin | Rainbow Cafe

Rainbow Café welcomes guests to enjoy the beach, restaurant, rooftop lounge, and boutique. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for $5 per person.

Sip on one of their signature cocktails, and let the open air caress your skin. Plant your feet on the soft sand and take a dip in the crystal-clear water. This is the ultimate way to relax.

Once you get an appetite, head to the restaurant, where you can choose from their extensive menu. The brand-new rooftop lounge is the perfect spot to eat tapas and gaze at the breathtaking hues of the sunset.

The boutique upstairs has a great collection of sunglasses, hats, bathing suits, and jewelry. The restaurant is only open for lunch, and the rooftop is open for breakfast, sunset drinks, and dinner.

Delicious Dining in St Martin | La Villa Restaurant

La Villa in Grand Case Beach has delicious food, a great ambiance, and impeccable and friendly service. It’s no wonder it has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. The staff can help you decide between a la carte or the prix fixe menu.

This fine-dining restaurant serves French cuisine using only fresh ingredients. Meat lovers will enjoy the mouthwatering rack of lamb. Seafood enthusiasts will enjoy the John Dory fillet “Meuniere,” and the vegan specialty is green curry vegetables with turmeric-flavored rice.

La Villa is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.

Fresh Caribbean Lobster Every Night at La Villa

You will have a wonderful experience dining at this delightful establishment. Book a reservation on OpenTable in advance because this hotspot is always busy. You might have to endure a long wait time.

Delicious Dining in St Martin | Street Food

Sint Maarten boasts a rich cultural tapestry that you can taste in its diverse cuisine. St. Martin's street food scene invites you to taste the island's heritage. You will find everything from doubles to Creole satay and Sicilian seafood delights.

1. Cindy's Roti Shack is a favorite among locals and visitors. It offers inspired street food from Trinidad. Try their doubles, savory flatbreads filled with curried chickpeas and topped with chutneys and tamarind sauce. The flavors are a tasty blend of sweet, savory, and spicy.

2. Sexy Beef - Creole Satay: Sexy Beef serves international cuisine with a Creole twist. Their popular satay dish features skewered and grilled meats with zesty peanut sauce. This Southeast Asian-inspired treat, accompanied by rice, peas, steamed vegetables, and plantains, is a tasty delight.

3. Sale N Pepe - Sicilian Romance: Sale N Pepe is a Sicilian restaurant in Simpson Bay. Chef Davide Zagami's menu features Sicilian pasta and fresh seafood. Try grilled octopus and Salmone Napoleone in a lemon white wine sauce.

4. Captain's Rib Shack - Barbecue Bliss: Before leaving Saint Maarten, pit stop at Captain's Rib Shack. It is very close to the airport. Try their barbecue wings with sides like rice and peas, macaroni and cheese, and Johnny cake. The smoky wings, flavorful barbecue sauce, and homemade macaroni and cheese make for a delicious farewell meal.

Exploring Sint Maarten's street food scene offers a delightful journey through diverse cultures and flavors. From Caribbean classics to international delights, these culinary gems provide a taste of the island's vibrant cultural mosaic.

Delight in the Exceptional Dining Aboard Your Luxury Yacht Charter

A luxury yacht charter in St. Martin isn't just about exploring stunning coastlines and soaking up the sun. It is also a journey into the world of exquisite cuisine. One of the most captivating aspects of dining on a luxury yacht is the personalized experience it offers.

Private Yacht Chefs - Masters of Culinary Excellence

On your luxury yacht, you'll have a private yacht chef. This culinary expert crafts gastronomic masterpieces tailored to your tastes. These chefs are pros, many culinary school graduates, and have many culinary skills.

Cooking on a boat presents a unique challenge for chefs. Although these chefs are pros, their job on a luxury yacht requires unique abilities.

The Galley: A Compact Culinary Oasis

Onboard a luxury yacht, the kitchen is the "galley," a compact culinary oasis. Unlike the spacious kitchens of a traditional restaurant, yacht galleys make the most of limited space. It's a testament to the chef's creativity and resourcefulness to create gourmet dishes within these confines.

Provisioning for the Journey

Yacht chefs take provisioning to another level. Before setting sail, they plan and get the necessary ingredients for the voyage. This often involves storage, shelf life, and access to grocery stores. Yacht chefs (many are award-winning) excel in selecting the freshest and finest ingredients.

Adapting to Sea Conditions

Cooking on the high seas means dealing with changes in sea conditions. Yacht chefs are adept at adjusting their cooking techniques and menu choices based on wind and waves. They must know how the waves and yacht movement could affect their cooking to ensure every dish remains delicious and safe.


One of the standout aspects of dining aboard a luxury yacht is the personalized service private yacht chefs provide. These culinary maestros consult with you to understand your culinary preferences, dietary restrictions, and cravings. Every meal reflects your desires and caters to your unique tastes. It's a level of personalization that traditional restaurants can't match.

Presentation and Ambiance

Beyond the culinary aspects, yacht chefs are also responsible for creating the perfect dining ambiance. How the food looks and the vibe matter.

Private yacht chefs are culinary artists and adventurers, mastering sea challenges for exceptional cuisine. Moreover, they are passionate about food and their guests' dining experience.

Tailored Menus to Satisfy Your Palate

Before your voyage begins, your private yacht chef will consult with you to understand your culinary preferences and dietary restrictions. For example, if one of your guests is a plant-based eater, the chef will accommodate their preferences.

Your chef will customize each meal to your liking. Every dish will delight your taste buds, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to delectable snacks and desserts.

Local Flavors and Fresh Ingredients

One of the joys of dining aboard your luxury yacht is tasting the local flavors of St. Martin. Your chef will source fresh, local ingredients from the island's markets and suppliers. Each dish will reflect Caribbean and international cuisine.

Personalized Service

Private yacht chefs are not just culinary artists. They are also dedicated to providing exceptional service. They make sure your dining experience is smooth and enjoyable.

The chef will also suggest wine pairings, accommodate special requests, or surprise you with a delightful culinary creation. Your chef is there to make your journey exceptional.

A Culinary Journey with Every Meal

Imagine enjoying a leisurely breakfast on the deck as the sun rises. Later, have a gourmet beach picnic on a secluded shoreline. Later, relish a candlelit dinner under a star-studded Caribbean sky. Your private yacht chef will transform each meal into a memorable culinary journey, enhancing the overall luxury yacht charter experience.

At CKIM Group, dining is a vital part of your St. Martin luxury yacht charter. Our private yacht chefs are not just experts in the kitchen; they are artists who craft bespoke dining experiences. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine cuisine or have specific dietary needs, our team ensures your culinary adventure is perfect.

Dining In St Martin Offers Diverse Experiences | Overview

Dining in St. Martin is an exquisite journey that encompasses a variety of culinary experiences. Each bite offers a unique taste of this Caribbean paradise. The famous Maho Beach is a fantastic place to enjoy fresh seafood while watching airplanes soar overhead. It is a fascinating dining backdrop.

For a touch of elegance, Villa Royale on the Dutch side of the island offers gourmet cuisine in a luxurious setting. Here, you can relish fine dining with panoramic ocean views that make for a memorable romantic evening.

Also, on the Dutch side, don't miss 26 rue de Lonvilliers in Anse Marcel. They offer a taste of international cuisine with a Caribbean twist. This quaint spot perfectly blends local flavors and global culinary influences.

On the French side of St Martin, Boulevard de Grand Case offers an array of restaurants. Sample authentic French and Creole dishes that have earned this boulevard its prestigious culinary reputation.

For beachside dining, Orient Bay is a must-visit destination. Enjoy toes-in-the-sand dining experiences that range from casual beach bars to upscale restaurants. All have a stunning backdrop of turquoise waters and swaying palms.

Whether you're seeking beachfront bliss, French-Caribbean fusion, or international delights, St. Martin's dining scene offers a feast for every palate.

St Martin Luxury Yacht Charters

You can enjoy Delicious dining in St Martin as part of your luxury yacht charter. Call CKIM Group today to book your next St . Martin luxury yacht charter vacation. We will expertly guide you to the perfect boat and crew.

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