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Luxury Aboard Caribbean Sailing Catamarans

Caribbean sailing catamarans combine the best features of a land-based luxury resort vacation with flexibility and privacy.

Caribbean Sailing Catamarans

Why the Caribbean?

Why is the Caribbean a good destination for a catamaran character? Besides the idyllic warm weather, there are countless beaches, lively marinas, secluded coves and anchorages, and activities.

Destinations in the Caribbean include:

  • Antigua & Barbuda. Today, Antigua is a famous yachting destination, one of the Caribbean’s original and preeminent luxury yacht charter spots. Sheltered harbors, gorgeous blue seas, and fantastic trade winds continue to bring sailors and holiday-makers back year after year.
  • Anguilla. Anguilla is a picturesque Caribbean island known for its stunning white-sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs. This welcoming island makes you immediately feel at home.
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A picturesque archipelago of 33 islands, including Grenada, the Grenadines, and St. Vincent.
  • Puerto Rico & The Spanish Virgin Islands. Off the beaten path from more popular island groups, the Spanish Virgin Islands mix American convenience with Spanish Caribbean flair.
  • St. Barths. St. Barthélmey or St. Barths has the most elite amenities and top-notch activities hard to come by anywhere else.
  • St. Martin & St. Maarten. St. Martin is a unique Caribbean island divided between two nations. Its northern half belongs to France, and its southern half to the Netherlands. You’ll enjoy a rich blend of European and Caribbean cultures.

Why a Caribbean Sailing Catamaran?

If you have never considered chartering a private luxury catamaran in the Caribbean, here are a few reasons why you should. Take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the islands as you sail across oceans of crystal-clear turquoise waters. Savor fresh local cuisine, watch the sunset after a perfect day, and relax comfortably aboard a spacious catamaran.

Chartering a crewed sailing catamaran in the Caribbean has many benefits. First, these yachts are more economical compared to similar-sized size motor-yachts. Next, catamarans have nearly equally-sized cabins with queen beds, ensuite bathrooms, and showers.

Finally, some sailing catamarans have an on-deck jacuzzi, and many have more than two crew members. There are usually the captain, a chef, and a sailor/steward or stewardess.

Activities to Enjoy on a Caribbean Sailing Catamaran

Sailing on a Caribbean catamaran offers a wide range of activities to enjoy, including:

  • Snorkeling: Don your mask and snorkel to immerse yourself in the underwater world. Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and other marine life.
  • Swimming: Whether it’s a quick dip off the boat or a leisurely swim, swimming in the Caribbean’s inviting waters is enjoyable.
  • Fishing: Try your hand at fishing in the Caribbean’s abundant waters. Catch local species like mahi-mahi, snapper, or even marlin, and perhaps enjoy your fresh catch for dinner.
  • Water Sports: Many catamarans offer water sports equipment like kayaks, paddleboards, and sometimes even scuba diving gear. You can explore hidden coves, paddle along the coast, or delve into the depths for an underwater adventure.
  • Dining: You can indulge in gourmet meals prepared by skilled chefs on your catamaran. Enjoy fresh seafood and Caribbean-inspired cuisine in an intimate and scenic setting.
  • Wildlife Watching: Keep an eye out for dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine creatures. You may even spot whales during migration seasons.
  • Yoga and Wellness: Some catamarans offer yoga classes on deck. Find inner peace while surrounded by the serene beauty of the Caribbean. Additionally, you might have access to spa treatments for added relaxation.
  • Diving Adventures: If you’re a certified diver, take advantage of diving excursions to explore underwater caves, coral gardens, and shipwrecks.

So if you would like a slower pace, good food, drinks, and a tremendous Caribbean experience, one of our Caribbean-crewed catamaran charters is an excellent option.

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